CD/Recording Production Credits


I’m new to MusicBrainz. How does one add and/or edit production credits for music records… whether individual tracks or albums.



It’s in the menu to the right, under “Edit relationships”. There is also a how to on its use, but at first glance I think that might be more confusing than the edit interface itself. Anyway if you have any questions just ask here.


Improvements welcome! This was originally supposed to have images and whatnot, but I guess nobody found time for it :confused:


Screenshots would definitely help, but I think in general these pages could do with a more readable layout. The text currently fills out the entire width of the page, and the font is small and hard to read. Maybe it would be a nice Google Summer of Code Project (or similar) to take the /doc/ pages into the modern age? I’m afraid my webpage building skills aren’t good enough by far.