CD part of a multi-disc release but also released stand-alone ... do I create a new release?

For instance, I have Bruckner’s 8th Symphony as a single CD release. When I look it up in Musicbrainz, it is included in a release of all nine symphonies.
From the Musicbrainz point of view is there a correct thing to do? Should I add a release for the single CD? From my point of view it would be easier to ignore it.
Thank you for your guidance,
Andrew Howlett


If it was sold separately so yes you can add it as single CD release and use this relationship.


Thanks for the info about relationships.
I started adding the release then found it already existed without any discids.

So I added my discid to the existing single CD release.
I tried to add a relationship to the complete symphonies

but the options in the add relationship dialog don’t make sense to me.
Andrew H.

This relationship has to be added to the release group.

Simplest way is probably to start with your single-CD release group, select “Edit”, then “Add Relationship.” Paste the URL of the compilation release group into the search box, which should automatically go green and automatically set “Release Group” in the entity type input.

Then you can select “included in” for the relationship type, which is the correct direction if you are editing the single-CD release group and linking it to the compilation—if you go the other way and edit the compilation instead, you will have to choose “Change Direction” and select the “includes” relationship.