CD or Vinyl

Can I suggest an addition to the editing part of the DB. If the year is earlier than when CD’s first became available, then CD can’t ber selected. I noticed something that looks like someone taking a shortcut to adding a vinyl recording, where they just removed CD2 of a set. I changed to the correct year (1995), but I guess it takes a few days to get through. I was trying to change it into a vinyl (it’s a double album), but the editor didn’t like what I did, so I gave up.


“so I gave up”

Stick to your guns. You were clearly correct here.

As far as setting a date before which no CDs can be entered, I’m in general in favor of the idea, but then the question is “what date?” The first commercial CDs were released in 1982, but the red book CD standard was published in 1980, and that came out of experimental tests in the late 1970s (which probably don’t technically count as “CDs”).


Is this the edit you are referring to?

You didn’t get any no votes that I can see so no need to cancel imo :slight_smile:
I agree with @outsidecontext that it should be merged with the CD release and the vinyl release added fresh, as this one has the CD TOC etc attached, and seems to initially have been added as the CD release.


Keep in mind the policy of merging over deleting, it’s pretty rare that entities (artists, releases, etc.) get actually deleted.