Carl Burnett - remove newer or remove least populated?

This entry contains information for two (or more) different people of the same name.
It was created using information for a guitar player. And now contains data about a drummer and there is even a couple singing credits who may or may not belong to one of the other two.

The question/problem is…
There’s less than a dozen entries for the guitar player. And what looks to be over 100 for the drummer.

Who do I remove?

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I usually try to leave the original entry as referring to its original subject, and move the later added data to a new artist. Should there happen to be external links anywhere that referenced the original (before the data was “contaminated”), they would continue to be valid. But, yeah, that’s going to be a lot more work in this case.


Yeah I’d also leave the current entity be the original Luther Carl Burnett:

move all the membranophone relationships to a new Carl Burnett (and change them to drum set):

and move the vocals to a third artist. If it turns out it’s one of the others the vocalist can always be merged.

Let me know if you need help. I’m happy to do a portion of the work.

PS: Carl (Little Caesar) Burnett seems to be the lead singer of the track artist " Little Caesar & the Romans", according to Wikipedia at least.