Capitalization issues with Rosalía

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@CatQuest is way ahead of you there, with his sillyname tag :wink:


One of my favourites is

Brilliant name, but must be a headache for the promoters :rofl:


So who should decide what kind of data is correct for everyone? The MusicBrainz user @Alfg?
Standardising everything is also a choice that not everyone may want.


I think the listings in all caps look awful (see for example). In the past we have generally not accomodated labels for releasing vinyls and CDs with all caps, so this trend of accommodating them for digital releases because of artistic intend disturbs me. I understand that in the case of ROSALÍA, they are claiming artistic intend, but there seems to be more and more artists that are going in this direction even if they haven’t in previous releases, so this fight of artistic intend vs. labels just being stupid might become more common.


To be fair, if the artist would use all caps everywhere we would too, even if it’s about a CD. Say, if they wrote on their website and everywhere on all caps, then we’d consider it artist intent as well.