Capitalization issues with Rosalía

So what constitutes consistency? Consider release A Portuguesa. 2 works by 1 composer share the obvious artistic intent (whether or not that actually qualifies at MB) of consistently mimicking an accidental cAPS lOCK. Composer is alone on this among others on the release, and the 2 works are the only ones featuring this among his other listed Compositions. Editor explicitly refers to a since 404:ed PDF. Still, the Works in question are listed in all lower case on the composer’s ofiicial homepage (tuba op139, sax4 op160), so the intent must be understood as Release endemic; but recent discussion (Should we follow the guidelines if we don’t agree with them?) made it clear that SG trumps Track Title quote, so … do we, e.g. on Track 2 “cONCERTO fOR tUBA, op. 139: I. dEPTHS” go for next-to ALL CAPS: “CONCERTO fOR TUBA, op. 139: I. DEPTHS” or what?