Capitalization in Haoussa


Does someone know if there are special rules for this language.
I m surprised to always see Capital on each word as in english.

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There probably are special rules, but I don’t see them particularly well documented out on the web. Looking at some Hausa language literature, much of it is written in ALL CAPS which doesn’t really help. The ones I found that do distinguish upper and lower case seem to capitalize the first word of the title and any proper names – for example, : Ƙamusun Hausa da Turanci

Note also that in your example there are many English and French titles, and those should follow the respective styles of those languages of course.


Indeed was referring only to Haussa tracks in this examples.

Based on your feedback I should go with the standard rule for Transliteration? (Otherwise, then only the first letter of each sentence and proper nouns should be capitalized.)

And English/French guidelines for other titles of course

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