Capitalisation issue

Guys, I am a bit confused over Jimi Hendrix’s “Moon, Turn the Tides… gently, gently away”.
The recording itself and most of track listings have the second part downcase. Edits have only back scans as an argument, nothing more. May there be some special reason for this to be not against style guidelines?
To me it looks like designer intent and not artist intent.
Correct me if I’m wrong.

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Looking at another release that work appears on, the formatting used for most of the tracklist is broken for the second part of the title. Seems to me like it’s consistent enough to cite deliberate intent on someone’s part. For at least the tracks, though, even if something is just a decision on the part of the graphic artist, if the formatting is obviously different, I’d think it should be reflected as such on our release if possible – the recording is a different matter.