Capitalisation Error - Artist

Hello Music Brains!

I have a weird question. When I added the artist “Alllone” i wrote I capitalised it wrong as “alllone”. Now i tried to correct that error but MB seems to not apply this correction to the artist. I can see an entry in the database for Alllone and alllone when I search it now, I see the releases in both Album Artists but when I open one of the releases it still shows me “alllone” as the artist. What can I do?

The artist itself is correctly titled with an uppercase A. But how the artist is credited on the release can be different. In the screenshot below you can see that the artist “Alllone” is selected for the release, but in the “Artist is credited” column it is written lowercase:

You can see the different credits for this artist also on

On this aliases list you can also edit the credits to update them everywhere they appear. Alternatively you can change the credited as on the release or track level.

In this case I have entered edit #72115873 and edit #72115888 to change the credits.


Well, maybe the Artists name should be in lower case in general, since they use this style on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. So it could be treated as “artist intent”.

The style for the releases “Bedroom Files” is caps (all); this might be the choice of a graphic designer and should/could be ignored, i.e. the artist in general style and the titles following the capitalization standards of the style guide.

@CathMowr: Maybe you know it in detail, directly from the artists, how they wanted to be credited.

BTW: Pls. notice also the Series numbering.


Thanks for doing the edits! I tried correcting the “Artist is credited” section too, but somehow it didn’t apply. Maybe I did something wrong, sorry, I am quite new to Music Brainz.

Sadly, I do not know how they want to be credited. Concerning the Series Numbering I will update!

Please be forgiving if I make minor mistakes, all those guidelines are a bit confusing at times. I have a question about how to enter a remix into the database, maybe you could answer? - I did this edit, but I think I got something wrong how I labeled the Remix artist… I found a definition of what a remix is but not how to do the right edit for it, maybe you know?