Can't find the cd -- but its in the database

Hello — I been using exact audio copy to rip my cd’s – I just got a new one “The Fab 4th” by Laurence Juber - when had EAC scan the db for it, it could not find the cd – but when I when to Picard, it too could not find but it generated the discid —

MusicBrainz does not have any CDs with the TOC:
1 16 208350 150 11161 22692 34323 46416 63200 76076 87728 99482 112473 126372 141445 153703 167586 183409 195486

but when I when to the db and looked the cd up by title – it was located — why can’t picard find the entry that is in the db already?

I’m assuming you’re talking about this release:

That’s the digital media version of the album. No-one has added the CD version. To enable CD TOC lookups, you’d need to add the CD version as a release, then add your disc ID to it.


thanks for the info – Can that be done with Picard? If so, is the “doc” on the process?

Adding the disc id to an existing release can definitely be done using Picard, and there is a “how to” in the User Guide. If you want to use Picard for submitting the release to the MusicBrainz database, you should look into the “Add Cluster As Release” plugin from the Picard Plugins page.