Can't figure out how to merge two classical music release groups

These two releases are for the same recording, but they each have their own release group:
Decca Classics 444 836-2
London Classics 444 836-2
I can’t figure out how to merge the two release groups!

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  1. First you go to the page of the first release group (by clicking the “see all versions of this release” link near the top)
  2. Click the “Merge” link in the sidebar. This will add the release group you’re viewing to the merge list.
  3. Go the page of the second release group.
  4. Click the “Merge” link again. This will then present you the choice of which release group should be the target, as well a text box where you should enter an edit note explaining why you believe them to be the same.
  5. Click the “Enter edit” button. It will take a week to be applied unless it is voted on.