Can't connect to website and Picard doesn't check music on home network

You get such error?
Can you provide a debug log?

Edit: Deleted. My issue was due to an AWS server crash and not MusicBrainz.

Hi Zas,

since a few days I cannot access Can you please unblock my IP address if it is blacklisted? Thx.

This IP was blocked because it was associated with a QNAP device, it belongs to a huge dynamic IP block. If you own such device, ensure it was upgraded to latest OS. If not, you probably just got the IP of someone who had one, aka bad luck.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


I don’t own a QNAP device.
Thank you!


I think my IP is on your blacklist.
Can I be unblocked please?
IP =

Thanks in advance

This IP was not blocked, so the issue is elsewhere. Can you explain why you think this IP is blocked?

I am using DataCrow and when I try look up I get the message “cannot connect to MusicBrainz”. OK thankyou I will try again

Hello I can no longer access the musicbrainz site and the API requests. I am developing an application for Android.(I can access services from 4G)
My IP address:
Please let me know what’s wrong.

Your IP was in few public blocklists, likely because it was used by spammers or the like some time ago, it has now disappear from them, so you should now be able to access all our services again.

Thanks, but the reason may be that I had to do a lot of API requests when developing the music part of my app?

Actually no, your IP was listed in few online malware/spam/abuse lists, likely because it is a dynamic IP and the host it was attached before was actually doing bad things.

If it was related to your use of our services, your IP would have ended in a different list.
Out of curiosity, which app are you working on?

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It is a rather sophisticated file explorer, which allows among other things to tag music files. I can send you a demo video capture if you want it privately.



Can you check blocklist for please? I cannot connect to too.


This IP was added to our QNAP blocklist.
If you don’t own such device, it is likely you got the IP of someone who does.

I just removed this IP, so you should now be able to access all our services.


Yes. Connection works now… Ty…

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Happy Friday!
It seems my public IP have been blacklisted? A lookup on whatsmyipaddress give the ip I had access to the website yesterday but it seem unavailable today.

I have a QNAP.

Yes, your IP was blacklisted, likely because of your QNAP device.
Be sure to upgrade it to latest version.
I removed this IP, so you should now be able to access all our services.

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Gosh, that was quick! Thanks so much! Great! It works again.

I have the latest version but will try to restrict the outgoing traffic from the QNAP NAS.

Thank you!

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I have a QNAP NAS and didn’t know about the blocked IP addresses until recently. I uninstalled Music Station a couple of years ago, but I must have been banned before I did that. I’m on the current QTS version, and do not use any of the QNAP multimedia programs. My IP is Thanks!