Can't connect to website and Picard doesn't check music on home network


I get a new Router and after short time I cannot access
My IP is Could you help me, checking blacklist?

This IP isn’t blacklisted.
Can you provide a traceroute to ?

I believe I have the same issue. I have a QNAP NAS. My home IP is Can you check if mine is on the Blacklist.

Yes, was in QNAP blacklist, i removed it. You should be able to access all our services again.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I’m having the same issue and I have a QNAP NAS.

Could you unblock me please? My IP is

Is there anything I should disable on the QNAP to stop it spamming you?


Done, this IP was in the QNAP black list. You should now be able to access our services again.

QNAP has fixed the issue in their software, but they didn’t give us any detailed information about which devices and/or versions are concerned, nor if it was deployed on all devices.

You may contact them for further information.
I recommend to keep your NAS software up-to-date for obvious security reasons though.


Great, thanks for your help! I’ll make sure it’s updated.

Sorry, I’ve got this too (also using a QNAP NAS).
Please could you whitelist my IP
I am on the latest updates and firmware on my QNAP.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

The IP isn’t blacklisted. Can you double-check the given IP is the one seen by our servers ?
If this IP is correct, and you can’t access to our services, the reason is elsewhere.

Sorry, wrong IP there! It should be 77.103

27.122 I believe.

Please try that one :slight_smile:



This IP was in QNAP blacklist, i removed it, you should be able to access all our services again.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks Zas.

Will give it another try when I get home later.


hi, sounds like i got caught in the same blacklist, could you check please?


@wreckingcru: this IP was in the QNAP blacklist, i removed it, so you should be able to access all our services now. I recommend to upgrade your QNAP device or to block requests from it to our services at firewall.

Sorry for the inconvenience, blame QNAP :wink:


Thanks! looks like it works. I thought the whole company had shutdown :frowning:

I don’t have a QNAP but I think I still may have a blacklist problem. Can you check to see if is blacklisted. Thanks.

Your IP is blacklisted by , reason given is “This IP has been blocked by abuse or misconfiguration in the email service.”

You can delist it through:

When done, tell me.

I tried to delist it through the link you sent but the method they use sends an email to postmaster at the reverse DNS lookup of the IP, This, of course would be at my ISP. I called them and they are a major regional ISP and they said there was no way to know who if anybody would get that email and there was nothing they could od short of assigning me a new IP.

I contacted the blacklist provider, and got this reply:

On Fri, May 25, 2018, 5:57 PM Leandro wrote:
Thank you for information Charles!

SPAM and malware is not only one purpose of our DNSBL. Other purpose of our DNSBL is identify and list
automatically any IP that is not being used by a mail server for preventive security reason. Since you do not > have a mail server running on this IP, then this listing is correct because the DNSBL’s objective has been > reached.

I ask you to not worry about our DNSBL because this technology is used exclusively by mail servers only when they receive messages from other mail servers at a SMTP unauthenticated transaction. When any host uses a authenticated SMTP relay, our DNSBL is not used. So no harm will be inflicted on you.

Our customers are very satisfied with our service. Any preventive listing is useful to our customers when the host is hacked, but it is an event impossible to predict. These events are rare but causes a too much damage. That is the reason of preventive listing.

You will be able to delist any IP at our online delist tool when it is used by a genuine mail server.

Call me if you have any other questions!


There was a little more back and forth emailing but the main point he was making was that their blacklist was designed exclusively for SMTP servers not web servers.

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DNSBL is prolly used incorrectly by some blacklist aggregators. Your IP is also listed by and few others.

I’ll whitelist it for now, but if it stays in public blacklists, you’ll have issues to connect to many services.
Please confirm you have access to our services now.

Can you please check my IP to see if it has been blacklisted?