Can't connect to website and Picard doesn't check music on home network

Hi Zas. I have just switched ISP and I think my new IP is blocked. It is:

I don’t own a QNAP.

Thx for your hard work.

  • Nigel

Your IP was blocked, it is now removed, you should have access to our services again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

ok, thanks for looking

@krsjuan this IP isn’t blocked on our side.


Me again. Because my ISP use shared ipv4 addresses i got banned again.
This let my rethink about the problem and i found a easy solution for me and maybe for other.

I used now a vpn server when i need tag or vised There are many free ones without a registration out there.

No connection problems and Zas can do more important stuff ;).



can you please check if my ip adress is blacklisted:

Thank you

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Yes, your IP was blocked, because it was associated to a QNAP device at some point.
I unblocked it, so you should now have access to all our services again.


Hey Zas,

I’m afraid it might be also a problem for my IP Can’t connect to using my Wi-Fi connection, only through mobile data. It’s the first time I see QNAP, is it connected to a choice of ISP?

I’d be grateful for unlocking my connection if this is the same problem, thanks!

I unblocked your IP.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Hi @Zas ,
could you check if my IP has been blacklisted, please?
Many thanks in advance

Done, Your IP was associated with a QNAP device at some point.

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thank you for unblocking me, and sorry for the trouble.

Hello, my IP has been blacklisted, so, please, check it and unblock me.
My IP is:

It was solved few hours ago, as you may have noticed. Your IP is associated with machines used to spam, you may want to check that.