Can't connect to website and Picard doesn't check music on home network

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Hi, I wonder if my IP Address is blacklisted? Im running a Synology NAS. IPv4

That’s your local IP address. You need to provide your public IP address as shown in

Thank you v much! Try this: -

@Zas will have to check the firewall settings, but that’s the IP address that he’ll need.

This IP isn’t blacklisted on our side. Are you sure that’s your external IP?

I think I have the same Problem.
My IP is:
Thanks in advance!

Yes, this IP was in our QNAP blacklist, now whitelisted.
You should have access to all our services right now, sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi same here I guess it might be blocked since yesterday.

Thank you for swift reply

This IP isn’t currently blacklisted on our side.
If trouble persists, please post traceroute output, it is likely a temporary network issue not under control.

awesome, sorry for hassle - problem on my side.
thank you for checking and stay safe

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Hi, I have just bought a QNAP and, ironically, it is what I’m using to store all my music files on.
Can you check if my external IP ( is on the blocked list?

I read through the chatlogs regarding the QNAP issue (linked way above), and there was a link to a suggested way to disable the QNAP issue, but that link is now defunct. Is there another suggested way to quieten my disruptive NAS?

Regards, John

Yes, it was blocked, it is now whitelisted, sorry for the inconvenience.

Be sure to upgrade your NAS to last system, QNAP should have fix the issue on most recent systems.
Since your IP is now whitelisted, it isn’t much an issue, if your device still queries our web service, requests are just ignored.


Hi. I have a QNAP NAS and cannot access on any browser on any device on my network. Can you check to see if my address has been blocked? My IP is Thank you.

Yes, it was blacklisted, now removed, so you should be able to access to all our services again.
Please be sure to upgrade your QNAP device to latest firmware.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Yay! That’s great. My NAS is the latest firmware. Appreciate the quick response. Thanks again.

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Not quite on ntopic, but close enough for my searching. I am using Audex to digitise a CD collection. Yesterday and again today, I get through somewhere between 10 and 20 CDs and then the lookup stops working so I just have track numbers. Is there a limit built into MusicBrainx that could be causing this? IP currently, liable to change at the whim of ISP.

This IP isn’t blacklisted for sure, and your use case is unlikely to hit any limit on our side. There were connectivity issues between our servers and the rest of the world ~19 hours ago for 40 minutes.
Perhaps a software issue on your side, dunno.

Hello. I also cannot access Musicbrainz server. My IP is Can you check if it is in the blacklist?
I’m trying to access in

Thanks so much.

This IP isn’t blacklisted on our side.
Can you give more details about the issue you encounter to access our services?
Can you access
Can you provide a traceroute to

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Thanks so much for the quick answer!! I will tell you what I’m trying to do. I want to access the database to compare it with a list of authors/songs, so I’m using MS Access.
1º I installed the PostgreSQL ODBC driver for MS Access
2º I try to link the database using “Remote origin: PostgreSQL ANSI”
3º In the parameters, I have used or for the server, and the username and password I used to register. Port 5432, 8080, 80, etc.
4º The answer is “Connection timed out”
5º But, in the console, if I make a ping to, or, it works and the server answers.

Maybe I am doing something wrong, but it works with other SQL servers. Can you help me?