Can't connect to website and Picard doesn't check music on home network

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Which app does show this message? Picard?
Do you have acces to and from a browser?

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Both Picard and ID3 renamer.

Yes I can access both those sites in browser

If you have access to both sites, it’s weird you get connection error with Picard, can you enable debug mode in Picard to see what is going? You can do that either using command-line option -d or toggling it in Help > View Error/Debug Log > Verbosity (see also . As is, hard to tell what’s going on.

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Hi Zas,

The error log is empty in Picard. I agree this does make it hard.

Do I have to create an account on musicbrainz? I noticed that in the Options>Options in the top field?

With ID3 renamer there is no such account field that I could see. could it be a firewall setting somewhere in a router?


If you have access to from a browser on the same machine you run picard I see no reason for you to have no access to musicbrainz web service Picard is using.
You don’t have to be logged in (apart for few features, like personal collections).
Can you provide screenshots or video captures to show the problem?

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Hi Zas,

Can you please check my IP to see if it has been blacklisted?
I have Qnap NAS HS-453 and can’t connect to Musicbrainz.



this IP was in our QNAP blacklist, I just whitelisted it, so you should be able to access all our services again.
Be sure to upgrade your QNAP device to latest system.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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my QNAP-QTS is 4.4.1 with new update.

Can you check my IP too?

It is

I have trouble accessing the site through my home network, but works okay from my mobile data.



this IP appears in various public IP blacklists, prolly for being source of spam and/or abuse. Is this a static IP?

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I don’t know what you mean by Static IP. I had checked my IP through ipchicken. Now it is showing

I had no issue accessing MusicBrainz a few months ago…

Hope that helps…

It seems your IP is changing, so it’s not a static IP, but a dynamic IP, attributed from IP block, and this whole set of IPs is blacklisted.

Most notably the whole block is listed in Spamhaus/ROKSO zombies blacklist:

That’s quite a bad news for you, as it is very likely you’ll not have access to many services on the web, because bad guys are also using your dynamic IP block.
Whitelisting isn’t an option since you’ll change IP very often.

You may contact your provider about this situation.


Alright. I will do that.

Thank you for replying.

Hi, I wonder if my IP Address is blacklisted? Im running a Synology NAS. IPv4

That’s your local IP address. You need to provide your public IP address as shown in

Thank you v much! Try this: -

@Zas will have to check the firewall settings, but that’s the IP address that he’ll need.

This IP isn’t blacklisted on our side. Are you sure that’s your external IP?

I think I have the same Problem.
My IP is:
Thanks in advance!

Yes, this IP was in our QNAP blacklist, now whitelisted.
You should have access to all our services right now, sorry for the inconvenience.