Can't add second CD

This is my first edit of MusicBrainz, but I’m having a lot of trouble.

How do I split the track listing at track 11 for the second CD?

I found documentation

which says there should be an add CD button, but I see no button :frowning:

Please help, I’m an avid CD collector and want to contribute.

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That guide is a little outdated. The button is now called “Add Medium”. There is no tool to split a medium, but here’s a workaround:

  1. Click “Add Medium”
  2. Go to the tab “Existing Medium”
  3. Search for the same release and select it
  4. Click “Add Medium”
  5. Remove tracks 12 – 16 from medium 1 and 1 – 11 from medium 2
  6. Because of this, the recordings are still correct so you can go to the “Edit Note” tab, enter an edit note and submit your edits.

EDIT: By the way, that medium search thing seems to use the indexed search, which is only updated every three hours. When I tried to do this just now I could only find the digital release that was already on MusicBrainz. So if you try this now, don’t forget to change the medium type to “CD”.

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Thanks, that was all I could come up with, thanks for confirming.