Can't add disc ID - instructions in How To outdated?

I have a compilation of 2 CDs, Festive Baroque, that I’m trying to rip. When I look it up in the database I find the TOC isn’t found, but when I follow the instructions to add the TOC to the release there’s no button to add TOCs. Is the How To outdated? I really don’t want to have to enter all the information on the CD by hand into my ripper, so getting the TOC added is important.

As far as I can tell this is not outdated. Can you maybe screenshot the moment where you’re stuck? :slight_smile:

In the worst case, you can always rip it without the info and use Picard to set all the data, but submitting the TOC really should be working.

For some reason it was originally directing me to a page that just said something like “We don’t have this TOC” and then listed the TOC as number and options to add the release to the database, probably because I forgot to check “keep me logged in”.

It works now, so no worries!