Can't Add CD 3 ID keeps asking for CD 4

Hey everyone i’m new to this and trying to get to grips with adding CD’s up but have gone wrong somewhere. I have added this album up.

Whilst it’s all successful from what i can see i have gone wrong somewhere because i can’t add the CD Id for CD 3.

CD 1 id was loaded into music brains picard and created a new release in browser
CD 2 id was loaded into music brains picard and linked to CD 2 using look up in browser and then search artist, select correct release and added id to CD 2
CD 3 id i did same method but when finding the release it only gave the option of adding the CD id to CD 4 so of course exited browser and loaded CD 4 into picard and linked it,

Now i re loaded CD 3 just to make sure and i accidentally added it to CD 4 because it only gave me the option of adding it to CD 4, so i edited it and have asked for CD 3 id to be removed from CD 4 but i can’t find where i have gone wrong.

I can’t for the life of me find out where i edit to add CD 3 id as it’s sitting in my PC drive ready to be linked up.

Sorry for this i’m still getting to grips with adding multi cd’s

Thank you in advance.

Hi! This looks weird, since the usual reason for this to fail is that the format is wrongly set or the disc has the wrong number of tracks but both seem ok here… @yvanzo, @Bitmap, any ideas?

You have a TYPO in CD3 as it is entered on the database.

Where is TRACK 10?

This explains why you can’t match a 16 track CD to a 15 track database entry. :slight_smile:

Once you have added Track 10 back in, then all the normal upload methods will work again.


Sorry for late reply and thank you ill correct it asap :slight_smile:

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… I didn’t even think to look for that! Well that’s it solved, thanks :slight_smile:

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The skill of thinking sideways… :wink:

I’ve also see other examples of it on my travels through the MB DB.