Can't access MusicBrainz VM from local network (only same physical machine)

I have setup MusicBrainz VM and it works fine from the the web interface as well as with Picard and headphones but only on the same machine as the VM. I am using the IP address and not localhost in headphones/picard. How do I allow access from the local network? Web interface is also unavailable on any machine other than the host. There is no mention of this in the VM setup guide.

You will need to set up some form of routing on the host machine and possibly also on a network router, so that they know to pass packets for the VM to the VM. How to do that depends on your OS and network setup.


Thanks for the reply, I just figured that out, it’s a VM issue not MusicBrainz issue. I am using Qemu with libvirt so what I need is a hook script. A bit of a pain, but will figure it out. I also did a write up on how to setup MusicBrainz VM under QEMU on Arch Linux mentioning the networking issue in case someone comes across this issue or other issue with qemu that I encountered.


Nice write up, thank you.
Maybe you should add some words about “how to obtain a free access token for Live Data Feed”
Then I would highly recommend to download an initial data dump instead of importing every single replication packet. That speed up at least this import part. :wink:

Just for the records:
This VM replicate only until the last schema change, one month ago.
We have to wait for an updated VM including the new schema and a working search server.

Is that not the same access token?

To get access to the database an account is required. It is free to Sign-up for non-commercial use. Create an account and generate an access token. Once done, login to the VM with vm username and musicbrainz password.

By download initial data do you mean this?

Use an alternative PostgreSQL setup using mbslave that includes replication without the rest of MusicBrainz Server

If so it seems significantly more complicated than the rest of the VM setup, not sure if it’s worth complicating the VM setup. Maybe you can give a bit more info as I am not seeing how it’s meant o be setup exactly, at least not an a VM.

[quote=“dominicm, post:5, topic:77170, full:true”]
Is that not the same access token?[/quote]It is - you are right, sorry!

[quote=“dominicm, post:5, topic:77170, full:true”]By download initial data do you mean this?[/quote]No, I suggest to use the step 3 ii in (Download dump files from FTP and import them with ./admin/…)

Or update your local instance of the VM yourself:

@Freso: You know that “updating the local instance” doesn’t work, see the replies on