Cannot view or see "make it so" button in options panel

HELP!! When i make edits in the options panel, ie: activating plugins, setting folder settings, etc. I cannot view the “Make It So” button. Every time I try to resize the window, it disappears and I cannot find the window. Have to close out program and start over.
Becoming very frustrating. I am a new user and would appreciate any help. Thanks. Webmac

Can you maybe show a screenshot of the hidden button? Usually it should not be possible to resize the dialog below the minimum size required to view all the elements

Some information that might help identify the issue:

  • What operating system and window manager are you using?
  • What is your screen’s resolution?
  • Do you have some scaling setting activated (e.g. font or high DPI scaling)?

I am using Windows 10 home, 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor, 1368 x 768 resolution. Will check scaling options. Thanks.

Yes, it’s unfortunately the dialog height :frowning: Currently the minimum dialog height has become too big. That came with one of the last releases, I think the 2.7 release.

We have an open ticket for this:

I’ll look into this and see that we can get this resolved for the next release. The dialog really should be usable on a 768 pixel screen.

UPDATE: I had pasted the wrong link above, fixed now

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Great, that would be nice! I changed the scale, now everything is small, but I see the button now!

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We’ll get this resolved for the 2.9 release, the changes are currently in review. See the linked ticket for details.