Cannot save after running lookup

I can’t get the program to save after running lookup. Any ideas?

Not with that amount of information. Do you get any errors? What does the activity log say (in the Help drop down menu)?

And also what exactly did you try, what was the response of Picard, what did you expect instead?

Here’s what I did:

I went to a quick tutorial located here:

I went step-by-step until step 3 where i encountered an error.

It says - " Error while reading CD TOC"

I can’t go any further and i don’t know how to proceed.

I don’t know how to access activity log.

Can you help?


The error “Error while reading CD TOC” happens when you click on the “Lookup CD” button, that will only work if you have a CD in your drive and want to look up that CD. In your case you want to click on the “Lookup” button (the one with the magic wand). Select some files, click “Lookup” and Picard will try to load the proper releases from MusicBrainz.

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