Cannot drag and drop files in Picard no more

Ever since the latest update to the new version of Picard the Drag and drop feature no longer is available on windows 10. Picard version: 1.4.2 Why is that? Log file:

E: 00:07:58 Plugin ‘bpm’ : Traceback (most recent call last):
File “picard\plugin.pyo”, line 299, in load_plugin
File “C:\Program Files (x86)\MusicBrainz Picard\plugins\”, line 30, in
ImportError: No module named aubio

I even tried a clean reinstall and it did not fix it.

Should work. Are you running Picard with elevated / administrator rights by any chance? Or the application you are trying to drag from?

I tried both and it still will not drag and drop.

It worked before why isn’t it working now?

I’m drag from the My Music folder to Picard like I always did before. I made no changes to the PC what-so-ever.

No, I didn’t mean you should run Picard as administrator, actually you should not. I just mentioned that because Windows does not allow drag and drop between apps run as administrator and apps run with normal user rights.

If that is not the case I am not sure. @samj1912, is there any known issue for this?

I just did another clean reinstall and ran with no elevated rights and it still will not drag and drop from the my music or any music folders on the PC.

Nope, no known issue on windows.

I will have to check it on my lab machine to confirm.