Can you customize the factors that go into green/yellow/orange/red cards?

This question was prompted by me discovering I have an indeterminate chunk of five-second-long mp3s in my collection that bugged out during FLAC conversion and I failed to notice during my last organization because Picard for some reason weights title matching much more heavily in its color-flagging than any other factor, even duration.

For instance if there is a long 15-minute prog song with a title like “Hoity-Toity Suite: A) Overture B) Pretension C) The Shibboleths of Eta Carinae D) …” I will shorten it to the first title and Picard will show a light green or even yellow card sometimes on that basis, even if everything else matches, and so I tended to ignore them and only check the orange/red stuff. However a version of that song with the proper full title but an absurdly short duration due to file corruption often gets a much better percentage match.

Here is an example I just tested. The version of Track 6 with the shortened title gets a yellow card. The version of Track 6 that I truncated to four seconds in Audacity to simulate corruption only gets a light green card (it’s not visible in the screenshots since I have it highlighted but the background color is even fainter than the other light green cards issued for shortened titles).

I completely understand not weighting duration very heavily when it’s a few seconds of difference, especially in the case of vinyl/tape rips. But is there any way I can get it to just automatically red-flag anything where the duration falls short by more than 30 secs?


No, you cannot currently configure the weights used for comparison.

Currently the length gets weighted at about 17% of the total matching score (see picard/ at master · metabrainz/picard · GitHub). Where 0 second difference gets a perfect length score, and 30 seconds or more 0 score. In between it is linearly weighted.


I guess then I would suggest having the weight itself affected by the length (possibly this should be non-linear?). Or maybe open these up in the control panel like the weights used for MB matching releases. I haven’t experimented with these and I assume you guys have but as a user it just seems like Picard expecting a five-minute file and finding a five-second one should be a show-stopper.

EDIT: I’d be tempted to adjust these myself and re-compile except I don’t know jack about Python (been a decade-plus since I even touched C++ haha) and can’t suss out where to uncap the difference from 30s.