Can someone check theses releases i added

this first one is by a father and son on the cover it has Steve Grace | Jordan Grace from what i can tell steve sings some songs and jorden the other ones and should it be steve grace ministries as the label thats who has the copy rights on it or should it be Southern land records as it is on a few of his albums just not his one and a few others
heres some images

and is the artist right on this one
here are some images

Fixed up New Day Coming. Open edits

20 years Open Edits

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thanks @The_King that was a grate help


You’re welcome. Cover art is one of the best things you can add to a release even simple pics like you posted here work they are better than nothing and have tons of information.

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yer im planing to scan the album art i have for all the albums i have made in when i am finished with this last cd that is classical in nature going to need lots of help with it so ill make a new post

Added a few other edits. OCD to the fore spots a couple of typos. One example being in the Release Title of “New Day Com(m)ing” - I took out the extra “m”

With 20 years I am trying to make sense of the * and ** on the track list. Is this a compilation album? Mixing “Children of the Western World” and “Change This World”? That is how I interpret those stars. Which would mean we have better credits for the recordings.

I’ve also left a couple of other notes for @st3v3p - one about matching stuff on Discogs. We should go back over those earlier edits you asked about and clean them up with what you have now learnt.

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the ones with one star are from Children of the Western World all of jordans songs are from Change This World the rest i dont know

that should mean a bit more of a credit polish is possible at Recordings \ Works level. I’ll go give it a bit of a poke around.

If the Children of… and Change this… releases are around then we can do a bit of linking up too. Back shortly…

//Totally Off Topic madness: And I do find it funny some of the names helping out. @Ataki is Jewish town in Moldova and @The_King has it’s own meanings. No doubt to you that would be JC, but I can’t help but see Elvis. :smiley: I am still waiting for @jesus2099 to step in here as he has the most logical sounding name for this Mission. :smiley:


I have now added an edit that merges the Recordings from 20 Years into those identical recordings on Children of the Western World.

As 20 Years is a compilation, then the tracks that are common to other recordings already here at MB should be linked up. Next week, once the edits have gone through, you’ll be able to click on the track “Big Dreams” and see that is appears on both releases.

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thanks im not so sure about merging things yet have not looked in to it yet

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Don’t worry about the merging too much. Learn things by steps. :slight_smile:

You’ll be able to go back and look at what I mean another time. (Once the edits have dropped into place)

For some mad reason I have been sitting here putting in the credits for “Children of the Western World” so we have some better examples to work with next week. :smiley:

I am now about to disappear into the hills…

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