Can I add images?

Is it possible to add images to books that I submit here?

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Simple answer is no. I don’t know if this is proposed or not.

I see you have been busy on this site!!!

That is currently not possible, but is planned as a future feature.

If we do things correctly, we should be able to import the images from Bookogs back into BookBrainz at a later date, even if we first import items without images.

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That is good news because I sometimes spent ages trying to track down the image of a first publication.

For a bit of context, the reason why we don’t allow uploading images (or any copyrighted content) on BookBrainz is because the database is published under a CC0 license (similar to public domain).
For MusicBrainz, all album images are hosted by the Internet Archive which under its statute is allowed to host them. You can see the website for more details.

So we need to implement a similar solution, which will definitely happen but requires some preparations.

Hope that clarifies it a bit !

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Yep, busy! Trying to get acclimated here.

Thanks. I’m hoping that a scan of a book cover is not seen as the original itself.

Luckily I kept all my original scans. With limited space I didn’t hang onto every single book I submitted to Bookogs, so i’m looking forward to getting them uploaded.

In the meantime all I can suggest is maybe keeping the images yourself somewhere safe - something like OneDrive or Dropbox maybe?



How many TB can you store on Dropbox?

That was a flippant comment, but I just discovered that you can store 2 GB for free and then they offer various plans for sale.

I must have uploaded thousands of images to Bookogs under various usernames. I might let sleeping dogs lie.

That’s the much better option for users with masses of uploads. I’ll wait and hope.

The email I got from Bookogs about closing said this:

We will also be storing the last export on, with images.

I’m hoping something can be figured out, since we ideally also want to store images with it could be relatively easy.


Yes, that would be great, indeed…

You are smarter than me. I never kept a single image from Bookogs, Filmogs, or Discogs all these past 8 years. Tens of thousands of images that I entrusted to someone else. I am a fool!