Can I add a work to an artist while the work so far only has scores no release yet?


Title says it all :slight_smile:


If the work has been published (and as such its existence can be proven), definitely.


Thank you so much @reosarevok for the info! However, the artist does not want to publish the scores before any release of his works, but he does want to list his works here at MusicBrainz.

In my country (Netherlands) we have BUMA/STEMRA and there all artists can register their original compositions and every composition gets an official unique work number just like ASCAP does for United States composers. So what I was thinking of, is adding the works to the artist and then at the work-edit page at the tab work attributes link to their unique 9-digits work numbers to proof the existence of the works. But BUMA/STEMRA is not in the list of identifiers yet, to do so.

@Freso sent in a ticket on October 23, asking if BUMA/STEMRA could be added to the list of identifiers, so that artists from the Netherlands can link their works to the official BUMA/STEMRA unique 9-digits work numbers to proof that their works exist.

So I was wondering, would you have any idea of how long it will take, before BUMA/STEMRA is added to the list?


… I completely missed that one. It’s in now.

Well, I meant more generally “is there proof of their existence” I guess. So sure, their registration in an official database (or even their listing on the work list on the artist’s website) should be fine too :slight_smile:


Thank you @reosarevok for taking in the ticket :slight_smile:

Do you know how long it will take, before BUMA/STEMRA will be added?

The artist prefers to list his work numbers on MusicBrainz rather than on a website.


^ @reosarevok already said it’s in.


Oh wow that is fast! Thank you so very much @reosarevok !! :smile: and sorry for misunderstanding you, I thought that you meant with "it’s in now" that you had taken in the ticket into a qeue for review but it is already applied, yay Thank You @reosarevok !! and thank you @Freso for helping and for sending in the ticket!!

Am going to sign up the artist now at BUMA/STEMRA so he can have his works registered there, and they are not so fast as you are @reosarevok :wink: It will take a couple of weeks before he can upload and register his works there. But for my own works, YAY I can put in the work numbers today here at the website! :smile: :sunny: