Calling shell scripts

Is there a way in Picard to call an external shell script on the directory the songs are in? I currently am re-ripping my CDs because I was stupid enough to trust hard drives and Apple Lossless Audio Codec. To that effort, I am now ripping to FLAC and running replaygain on them and then making a par2 set for the album. I want to perform these operations during the save or scan process. Can anyone give me some ideas on how to accomplish this?

I don’t know if this helps, but I have Picard place the processed files under a temporary root directory. When I’m finished processing with Picard for the day, I run my batch processing scripts on these Picard-created sub-directories of the temporary root directory, automatically traversing the directory tree. Once the batch processing is complete, I move the sub-directories to my (permanent) music directory on my NAS.


To summarise that a little:
There will be a plugin api that will make it possible to write a plugin that will do something after files are saved.
This change has been merged into the repository but we have not had a release since this was added.
There are daily builds that would include this change that would have this change included.

Writing a plugin for picard should be straight forward.

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