Bulk Entity Creation From MP3s


I have a 78 CD set of disks for an audio reading of The Bible. It does not exist in the music brainz index yet. I do not have the time or interest in adding all 78 disks through the web interface… would take too long.
I have a digital download from the publisher of all the tracks on MP3, which have track titles, author, etc in the MP3 meta data.
Is there a way to bulk create the entities in music brainz from a set of MP3s?


You can use Picards “Add Cluster As Release” plugin (it’s available on the plugin page to seed the release editor with information from audio files.


Note that if you add the downloaded files from the publisher that it should be a “Digital Media” medium, and not a CD.


But if the track split for the CDs is the same, it’s fine to create both versions, since you can reuse the tracklist(s) :slight_smile: