Building the site locally

I followed the installation guide and build the repository in my ubuntu environment. The site works fine except Im having a couple of issues. First, Im unable to login. When I try to login the project builds from scratch and it happens in a loop(In the terminal windows). Second, the search always yields no results. Any help is much appreciated.

Hi @cakepineapple ! Welcome !

I can reproduce your issue, there is something wrong on the master branch that I will work on fixing, thanks for reporting the issue.
In the meantime, you can try switching to the beta branch and building again, that should work for signing up locally.

For search results, you’ll need to follow the instructions here to get it set up and index the entities: Installation — BookBrainz Developer Docs 0.1 documentation

Hello again!
I just merged a PR that should fix the issue.
Can you please pull the changes from master, and try again?
And do let me know if that is now working for you :slight_smile:

You will have to rebuild the docker image for the bookbrainz-site container.
For that you can run docker-compose build bookbrainz-site in your terminal.

Hello @mr_monkey !
Apologies for delay, it works perfect now. Also I followed the instructions but had no luck with the indexing part. However, I’m working on a frontend issue right now so I won’t be needing it. Thank you very much

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