BUG... Tags show in TagScanner but not in MusicBrainz Picard...?

So, I’ve just been testing the various programs to see what I like and want to use permanently, and I noticed this bug.
I’ve edited most of my MP3’s Tags with Picard already, adding the Tag info I want, and I’ve seen these exact tags in the Scan results side for many files, including the web address in them, and I’ve REMOVED the Tags from various files within Picard when I saved them, cause that stuff is just noise to me.

Anyway, I don’t know if this was one I missed, or some bug in Picard, but Picard is NOT showing these tags for this file at this moment. But they ARE showing in TagScanner.
See pics…


Here’s the MP3: https://bit.ly/3FspmPX

So, anyone have any thoughts on this…? Is it a verifiable bug?

I don’t know exactly which tags Tag Scanner reads here and I can’t look at the MP3 in detail right now, but likely WWWSOURCE and WWWAUDIOFILE represent the ID3 frames WOAS and WOAF. And Picard simply has not implemented support for these tags.

There is a ticket about adding support for WOAS:

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Ah, that’s not good… There being “sneaky” tags that we don’t know about. LOL
Definitely, something that should be fixed.

I see Mp3tag also sees the Tags… Of course, the issue is Picard is nice and easy to see all the tags, and it’s my primary editor to update tags, which extended tags are NOT easy to see in Mp3tag, it requires an extra step.
So, we definitely need these tags seen, not have hidden tags that put secret info since most people use Picard for their primary tag completer.