Bug after changes

Nice improvements, thx. But I already found a bug :wink:
When trying to add an already existing author it now looks like this

which is fine, but you can’t jump to the shown artist page by clicking on it, neither with or without Ctrl.
Nothing happens.

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Thanks for the bug report !

Turns out it’s an easy fix: https://github.com/metabrainz/bookbrainz-site/pull/791
Should be deployed in the very near future.


Okay, works, thx.
In both cases a new tab is opened. When you just click on the link you are jumping into the new tab. If you use Ctrl the new tab opnes but you stay where you are. Is this intended?
After clicking on the link the colour changes and when you hover over the link it looks like this:

Not a good colour combination, I think.

I confirm that’s not intended. I pushed a first fix for the linking issue to ensure it’s usable at least, but still have to resolve the color issue.