Broadcast/live release type tag issue with the /

Hi there,

I have this slight issue with / in release type if i have an audio file that is broadcasted live on radio. The release type tag is set as broadcast/live, and I have$noop(Move live broadcast on radio such as quiz shows into the compilations folder.)$if($eq(%releasetype%,broadcast/live), compilations/, However for some reason, files that have release type with a / are ignored and go 1 folder above the compilations’ folder. Any way i can fix the / causing the rule to be ignored?

I know the / is causing the issue as I had broadcast+live for release type and the rule worked fine. but as soon as I used Picard default naming of broadcast/live the rule failed to work and was just ignored.

What is actually the difference between $inmulti and $eq? Does one mean if something matches some of the release type, and the other is if it matches all the release type, then do such an action?

I did try $if($eq(%releasetype%,broadcast/live, dj-mix, live, broadcast+dj-mix), compilations/ but resulted in a error. im not sure how I could say a release type has just any of these values, then move to compilations. For example, a release type dj-mix would get moved to compilations. But a release type album, dj-mix would be moved to music/

While podcast, release type gets moved to a podcast folder and audiobooks get moved to an audiobooks folder.

any suggestions on how this could work and fix the / bug?

In file naming scripts the slashes in variables get replaced with underscores. Try checking for broadcast_live instead.

$eq compares for exact equality. $inmulti checks whether a variable with multiple values contains the given value.

Use $or like in:


For some reason my code is resulting in an error message at the bottom, I’m sure It’s something to do with the number of brackets needed on the end.

Usually adding more or taking away brackets would cause the code to work, but adding or taking away doesn’t make any difference.

Also, single DJ mixes are set as broadcast/dj-mix

I di try my previous code with the underscores and that doesnt make any difference

Thoughts please?

Sorry, you lead me on the wrong track. There is no type type “broadcast/live”. There is a type broadcast and a type live. If you want to check if a release is both broadcast and live use $and with $inmulti:


If you instead want to check if it is either broadcast or live (or both) use $or instead:


I can’t quickly see the issue. If you tell the actual error message it would be easier to tell.

Managed to sort the error message but bizably a track that is single/dj-mix is going to music folder rather than the compilations’ folder.

if you look at my code, you can see $if($and($inmulti(releasetype,single),$inmulti(releasetype,dj-mix)), compilations/,). which means the track should go into compilations folder because it has single and dj mix. but instead, its going into the music. i think it is due to a conflict between the
$if($inmulti(%releasetype%,single), music/, part?

this is the track thats having issue Release “Fair-Vall-Ey Mix” by Marc Hackenberg - MusicBrainz not sure if its ment to be dj mix or single/djmix which should go into compilations folder. but if it is just single, then it should go into the music folder, instead the dj-mix is going into the music folder.

I’m a bit confused why the tag value shows up as “single/dj-mix”. Usually a multi value tag would be shown in the metadata view with semicolon as separator. How does it look like if you right click on the tag value and select “Edit tag”? Does it show a sine value single/dj-mix or two separate values?

If it is indeed “single/dj-mix” that would indicate you either have to check for “single_dj-mix” in yournaming script explicitly, or instead of $inmulti(releasetype,dj-mix) you can use $find(%releasetype%,dj-mix). See $find — MusicBrainz Picard v2.8.5 documentation

This is what it looks like?

You don’t think that a bug or something could be causing such an issue, or maybe a plugin? It’s unlikely. but you never know.

here is a similar issue with a track that is singe should go into the music folder

Are these MP3 files? You could try changing from ID3 v2.3 to v2.3 in options. Maybe that makes a difference. V2.3 does not really support multi value tags, instead a separator (by default a / ) is being used. But Picard actually shouldinterpret this separator and still show the separated values, hence I’m a bit confused.

Also do you have some tagger script (in Options > Scripting) that manipulates releasetype? That could cause something like this as well.

I’m currently not much at my laptop due to Christmas holidays, hence I write all this out of my head and it takes me a while to respond. But if I find the time I can test run your naming script.

No this is happening on a flac files.

These are the default settings

this is the only tagger script I have enabled.

Thank you for your help. Happy new year.