Broadcast Guidelines

The expanded broadcast guidelines have now been implemented.

Thanks @reosarevoks for taking over an hour to go through the changes with me today, and making improvements.

If you wanted to see more changes then please treat this as a springboard for further change! I am super happy to at least get those that have consensus over the line - more threads with additions/changes to the guidelines are very welcome.


That’s fantastic! It’s very clear and I like that there are many examples.

I have a question though. Many podcasts come with an image that could be considered cover art. Should this cover art be added to the episodes? The downside, I would think, is that we’re then uploading the same image sometimes hundreds of times, because every episode gets a separate release group. This seems rather wasteful of server resources.


Also a great way to annoy voters

If the ‘release’ comes with official art, then you can add it afaik :+1:

Even if it’s being duplicated, a lot of people will appreciate being able to use the art in their tags.

P.S. very considerate re. server resources, but keep in mind that the internet archive hosts the images for us, and I’m sure that all of our images put together will be a miniscule drop in their bucket. They are trying to back up the whole internet after all!