Bookogs has been archived

Tech savvy contributors will probably already know this.

I have found Bookogs archived on

It is completely searchable.

Good news @Tsivihcra all your images are available:


I am slow on the uptake as I see this was already mentioned in Can I add images?

Oh well, there is nothing like repetition to get a message across.

I thought they were doing a complete data dump into the Internet Archive.

Are you sure that the pictures you are viewing are genuinely up to date? as the 'ogs site is so heavily reliant on JS and dynamic content now I dont know if everything really is being archived by the waybackmachine

One thing that I did notice is trying to access information on the archived Bookogs site is a hit and miss affair.

I had a quick look at my recent contributions and everything seemed up to date, including the images. I might add that I stopped contributing the day the announcement was made to close the site which is 36 days ago.

If Bookogs ever gets imported in, how will duplicates be handled? Obviously, there will be many duplicate works. Will it be up to us, the users, to discover duplicates over time and do the necessary merges?

Also, will Comicogs be brought over too? Technically, a comic is a work, right?

Hey, that’s good news.

My images and entries are also archived, I think. Not checked all of them but seems fine

Like @mr_monkey explained here: the database has a separate section for imported data, so each entry will be marked as imported and then needs to be validated or can be discarded.

Once bookogs is finished, I think comicogs will be easier. But as for bookogs, a good way to import series is missing.


Excellent, thank you. I replied there. I can’t offer technical help here but can offer submissions and enthusiasm!

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Bookogs are amusing even post mortem. Today I finally received from them a data export which was in fact just a few lines of totally unfamiliar contributions. Meh.

Considering how Discogs is treating their marketplace sellers at present, you’re lucky to get anything. I wouldn’t be surprised if Discogs is put up for sale in the next year or two (that’s if they haven’t completely alienated everyone in the interim).

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At least you got a data export. Some are receiving nothing.