BBC Introducing interface with music brainz

Hi - I was wondering if anyone had experienced any problems with the BBC introducing website and it incorrectly missing or not recognising tracks that were played on the radio stations - we get the messages saying the tracks were played from an auto email, but the tracks then sometimes do and sometimes dont appear on the web site
i was wondering if its a mismatch between the info on the BBC recorded on MusicBrainz - Some get recognised but some do not- we have had over 5 different tracks played but only two recognised - any thoughts please


You can contact the BBC ( and ask them to assign the missing plays to your BBC artist page.

Their automated matching works based on track titles in MusicBrainz, I think - so it might help to add the release the tracks not matched are in, if you haven’t yet. But I’m not sure how it works exactly.

Hi Thanks for that , the annoying thing is that musicbrianz is set up but the tracks are not synching and two times that were not on musicbrainz were played they did appear - the bbc email is appreciated, i have tried that course before but never had a reply, will keep trying and thanks for your help - all other suggestions welcome