Batch-set recording date

Is there some hidden functionality or a script to batch-set recording dates for all already linked recordings on a release?

When adding metadata to releases created by other editors, I often encounter the same time-consuming task: I have to click on each linked recording and set the recording date separately, even if all recordings on the CD were done on the same date, which is often the case with classical releases (full recording of an opera and the like).

Of course I know about the script “propagate recording dates” and I am using it, but for this script to work it is necessary to set a date on at least 1 relationship per recording, i.e. manually go through each recording. If there are 20 tracks on a CD, and an opera is recorded on 3-4 CDs, it is easy 60 to 80 manual operations to set the same date for 1 relationship on each track. Only after that I am able to apply the script “propagate recording dates”.

Is there some better way to set recording dates faster, if all recordings on a CD or in a release were done on the same date?

Usually I re-add (with the standard “Batch-add a relationship to recordings” button) a relation that is defined on all recordings (most often the orchestra) with the correct date, since the release editor replaces the relation without date by the new one. Then → propagate dates


Thank you, nice trick, good to know.