Batch edit work type and language

I want to batch edit the type and language for a bunch of works. A few years back I’m certain that I was using a userscript to do just that. I found this one ( but it seems to be broken. How do you guys do this? Is there an option somewhere I’m missing?

You might want to take a look at my set work attributes script if you edit works from the same artist (screenshot).

Please be very careful when you use it and report bugs if you find some, I’m not sure it still works after the last schema changes on work languages

Pretty sure that was the one I was looking for, thanks loujin. Looks like it’s broken though unfortunately, it gets stuck at “Sending edit data” and never submits any edits.

EDIT: Should mention that I tested on Firefox 57 with Tampermonkey.

Should be fixed in new version 2017.11.18
Thanks for the report

I hate to be a pain but it still gets stuck at “sending edit data”. Did you upload the right version? greasyfork has version 2017.11.1.

Greasyfork is supposed to synchronize once a day with the source but didn’t apparently. I forced the sync and you should be able to download the right version now

All sorted and working as expected. Thanks again, loujin.