Batch automation / detailed logfile for memory leak


thank you for this great software
by the lastfmng plugin I now have the issue, that i only can load about 150 files
or about 10 albums - after that i got a memory leak.
I am still looking if it is a bug, but debug did not helped me.

…also because of the 5000 entry problem…

instead i would love to have a possibility to automated the steps like this
start by commandline
-load directory
-lookup and scan unclustered files
-wait for end
-save all

I was looking into the code, and i am not sure, if i can do this, because, QT apps are diffrently designed

I also was thinking to do this by automated test suite, program where you can automat user interputs… but i am not sure if sikuli or something else can do this.

does anybody can help me?

If you’re OK with command-line tools, maybe beets is an option for you?


I would also recommend doing two runs.
First pass through have no plugins enabled.
The goal is to match to the correct release and to save the musicbrainz identifiers as tags in your files.

The second pass enable all plugins you want to use.
When you load the file again it knows what release it belongs to and will do a lookup instead of a search.

That sounds very strange, 150 files should not cause any problems. What exactly do you mean with “memory leak”? What exactly happens if you load these files?


it is about 500 - but very slow. 150 is fast enough.
reason is the plugin: lastfmng
in fact, loading some special beethoven files, kills it - with the requests.
beets looks also good, need to dive deeper into it.
lastfmng gots mood, decade, country - and this is very interesting for me)

Found a solution. sikuli via X - batching now step by step )
a cmdline interface would be really good for picard)