Bandcamp as source of AcousticBrainz data

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I have thought about this too! I think it’s a good idea, but sometimes bad tags are introduced by the band/label level tags (I think). For instance, if I give my band/label the tags ‘rock, hip-hop’, then every album under my BC page will have those tags added at the bottom of the page. If you can separate those tags out that would be great, but I couldn’t find it with a quick look at the source code.
Example: I have added the tag ‘test’ to my label, you will see that every album now has ‘test’ in the tags.

I think cover art is a great idea to automate, if there’s no other art on a release. People can vote on it anyway, and it’s not destructive or hard to tidy, imo.


In most cases tags on BC seems adequate. Few amount of wrong tag — not big deal, it will be tag with just one vote


Import Bandcamp tags for 689 releases. Devs on #metabrainz say i should give people time to manual check submissions. So, here is submissions:

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Release “In Circles We Die” by Heavydeath - MusicBrainz sludge metal, metal, doom metal, death metal
Release “When Ominous Red Sailing Stones Sleep Beneath Fire Rainbows” by Jay Tholen - MusicBrainz zeuhl, electronic, jazz, electronic
Release “Pine Cone Express” by Cowtown - MusicBrainz post-punk, indie, noise, pop, rock, new wave
Release “iMeiden Volume 1” by iMeiden - MusicBrainz dance, progressive house, electronic, downtempo, edm, house
Release “Dungeon Lore, Chapter II: In Search of Artifact” by Various Artists - MusicBrainz electronic, medieval, dungeon synth, ambient
Release “Emme Phyzema” by Emme Phyzema - MusicBrainz experimental, avant-garde, avant-prog
Release “Here to Stay” by Moscow Death Brigade / What We Feel - MusicBrainz punk comedy
Release “Brave New Girl” by Jenny Jumble - MusicBrainz hip hop, deep house, witch house, psychedelic, electronica, soul, electronic, edm
Release “The Stream Family Pack” by Spillexo - MusicBrainz dance, chiptune, house, edm, electronic
Release “Bloodletting for the Lonely” by Esses - MusicBrainz post-punk, punk, punk, deathrock
Release “Colors” by Alek Lee - MusicBrainz electronic, psychedelic, leftfield, house, techno
Release “Superwolves” by Matt Sweeney & Bonnie “Prince” Billy - MusicBrainz classic rock, singer-songwriter, pop rock, rock
Release “Hot and Ready” by Just Desserts - MusicBrainz folk, comedy
Release “The Legend of Amaya: Chapter 2” by Various Artists - MusicBrainz electronic, trance, psychedelic, electronic, psytrance
Release “Sky High” by Phileas Flow & Kodac - MusicBrainz soul, funk
Release “Obscure Synergy Chapter I” by Various Artists - MusicBrainz dark ambient, ambient
Release “Tempest (Live Version)” by Vylet Pony - MusicBrainz hip hop, electronic, rock
Release “Detroit (City 93)” by 良い乗り物 through the city - MusicBrainz experimental, ambient, vaporwave, plunderphonics
Release “INCVBATE” by Texture - MusicBrainz trap, electronica
Release “A Walk Through the Haze” by Henry Saiz - MusicBrainz electronica, techno, indie, electronic, house
Release “New Blu’eyes” by Tiny Little Bigband - MusicBrainz jazz, pop
Release “Sheer Existence” by Sweet Peach - MusicBrainz punk, grunge, post-hardcore, emo
Release “True Love and Water” by Erica Buettner - MusicBrainz ambient, singer-songwriter, folk, indie, free folk, folk
Release “The Dapper Don” by Nay Nay - MusicBrainz hip hop
Release “Wreck Your Neck: Volume 2” by Various Artists - MusicBrainz metal
Release “Black Bombaim & Peter Brötzmann” by Black Bombaim - MusicBrainz psychedelic, instrumental, jazz rock, free jazz, rock, heavy psych, heavy rock, experimental
Release “Drift EP” by House of Tapes - MusicBrainz electronic
Release “Serenity” by Hoffman - MusicBrainz ambient, electronic, dubstep
Release “Self Destruction” by Rockman Navarro - MusicBrainz experimental, alternative rock, grunge, rock, hardcore punk
Release “Which of Us Is Sadder” by Bleak Fiction + Astral & Shit - MusicBrainz ambient, dark ambient, electronic, noise, experimental, drone
Release “Archive.Two” by Imminent - MusicBrainz ambient, industrial, rhythmic noise, techno, electronica, electronic
Release “Sunyata EP” by Anima Nostra - MusicBrainz experimental
Release “tropical” by Louie Zong - MusicBrainz lounge, instrumental, folk, exotica
Release “THIEF! Dinosaur Feathers Benefit Mixtape” by Various Artists - MusicBrainz pop, blue-eyed soul, soul
Release “You Are Not Special” by A Dose of Buckley - MusicBrainz comedy
Release “In The Gardens Of Knight” by James Booth & The Return - MusicBrainz lo-fi, art rock, rock, progressive rock, indie rock
Release “Om Lounge 13” by Various Artists - MusicBrainz lounge, downtempo, electronic
Release “HOPE DIEMOND” by Tha Soloist & Per C Wells - MusicBrainz underground hip hop
Release “Industrialism” by MonöChrome - MusicBrainz electro, industrial, electronic, ebm
Release “Lux” by Approaching Mountains - MusicBrainz experimental, noise, drone, ambient
Release “Matsuri Tribe” by Various Artists - MusicBrainz goa trance, psychedelic, electronic
Release “Орнамент” by SvaDaRa - MusicBrainz experimental, folk, metal, electro, progressive metal
Release “iodine 131” by Ditchburn - MusicBrainz spoken word
Release “Praise (A Prayer For Peace, Love And Wisdom)” by Joaquin Joe Claussell - MusicBrainz experimental, ambient, electronic, fusion, house
Release “Wonderful Year: Live at the Wonder Bar” by Connor Bracken and the Mother Leeds Band - MusicBrainz blues rock, rock
Release “Ballad of a Thin Line Man” by Giant Sand - MusicBrainz country, rock, blues, americana
Release “The Dead Pretenders” by Hallowitch - MusicBrainz singer-songwriter, punk, experimental, lo-fi, horror punk
Release “Mysterious Space” by DDRKirby(ISQ) - MusicBrainz chiptune, techno, electronica, electronic experimental electronic electronic, techno dubstep, electronic avant-garde, experimental, indie, electronic dark wave, industrial, dark ambient, electronic celtic, folk, irish folk jazz vaporwave, experimental, instrumental, pop, electronic black metal, metal, post-metal alternative pop, punk, pop, rock, rock post-rock, ambient, noise, free improvisation, experimental, fusion, experimental rock, rock, drone breakcore, electronic pop, electropop, electronic alternative rock, art rock, progressive rock, metal, neo-progressive rock, rock, progressive metal country, honky tonk electronic, industrial, noise pop, indie pop, folk pop, indie rock stoner rock, metal, stoner metal, space rock punk, screamo, post-hardcore, post-metal jazz, jazz, big band, blues, swing experimental, ambient indie rock classical, experimental rock, metal hip hop, electronic, rock thrash metal, heavy metal, metal, speed metal, heavy metal progressive, rock, metal hip hop, boom bap, breaks future funk, electronic, chillwave, vaporwave stoner rock, rock jazz, latin electronic indie rock, emo, indie pop industrial, electronic experimental downtempo, trip hop electronic ambient, chillout, electronic, electronica post-punk, pop, shoegaze, synthwave, chillwave, electro ambient, trip hop, electronic, idm, downtempo, electronica, trance ambient, minimal, lowercase, drone, ambient underground hip hop electronic, bassline, electronica, house experimental, electronic, progressive, space rock experimental, free improvisation shoegaze, math rock, progressive, indie rock experimental experimental indie folk, folk, singer-songwriter, folk, indie, pop, indie pop hard rock, metal, doom metal, stoner metal, hard rock, heavy metal, progressive rock, stoner rock, psychedelic rock folk, noise brutal death metal, metal funk, soul rock technical death metal, death metal, metal underground hip hop, hip hop future funk, electronic, chillwave, vaporwave metal experimental minimal, ambient, witch house, electronic swing, jazz, jazz synthwave, industrial, psychedelic pop, indie, folk ambient, jungle, rave, electronic, experimental, idm, lo-fi, jump up pop, soul, lo-fi jazz experimental, shoegaze, post-metal, drone pop experimental, power electronics, dark ambient, noise, harsh noise electronic black metal, melodic black metal, metal industrial, noise, electronic, breakcore, electronic, cyberpunk, techno broken beat, electronic electronica, downtempo, ambient, electronic, idm orchestral shoegaze, dream pop, indie, folk, noise pop, lo-fi, rock, indie pop rock brutal death metal, metal berlin school, krautrock, electronic, experimental americana, singer-songwriter experimental, electronic, electronic, drone yacht rock, art rock, synthwave, rock, indie pop trap folk, classic rock, country blues, bluegrass, blues instrumental, jazz, jazz, jazz rock, swing experimental, electronic industrial, dark electro, ebm, electro folk, pop, rock, instrumental rap metal, rapcore, metal future funk, vaporwave, electronic pop, progressive, rock hip hop trance, electronic, breaks indie rock hip hop, underground hip hop experimental, ambient electronic electronica, downtempo, trip hop, industrial, idm, glitch, electronic pop, disco death metal, thrash metal, metal dub, electronic downtempo, metal, deathcore, rock, nu metal ambient, trip hop, electronic, chillwave, drone punk, punk rock experimental, boom bap, jazz, electronic electro, electronic, disco, house, techno post-punk, synthwave, electronic, metal, industrial metal folk, swing, blues, cajun electronica, electronica, rock, krautrock indie pop, indie rock rock black metal, speed metal, metal grunge, punk, math rock indie folk, singer-songwriter, folk, bluegrass, american primitive guitar rock experimental celtic, folk, irish folk, polka instrumental, folk, experimental wave, gothic, rock techno, electro, electronic future bass, wave, dark ambient, trap, pop, nerdcore, witch house, electronic funk grindcore, metal hard rock, heavy metal, metal, punk hip hop punk noise rock, garage rock, punk, twee pop, rock, noise pop folk techno, electronic, electronic art rock, progressive rock, rock, psychedelic electro, electronic, electronica indie rock, punk rock, punk, indie, pop punk, power pop metal, punk modern classical, ambient, electronic, experimental post-punk, alternative rock, coldwave, new wave electronic death metal, old school death metal, metal future funk, electronic, chillwave, vaporwave free jazz, jazz juke, electro, electronic, idm, footwork deep house, soul, electronic, disco, house industrial, noise, indie rock experimental, electronic, progressive, space rock classical, electronic, jazz hip hop, hip hop, punk pop, hip hop rock, indie, pop, rock hip hop folk, bluegrass, country experimental, ambient, electronic, noise, drone metal, punk, thrash metal contemporary classical, ambient, electronic, drone ebm, industrial, electronic mathcore, metal experimental, synthwave, electronic, new wave, vaporwave blues, blues rock, rock lounge, swing, jazz, comedy, big band melodic death metal, technical death metal, brutal death metal, metal, death metal punk experimental, vaporwave, electronic, plunderphonics rock singer-songwriter electronic experimental, glitch, electronic, drone electronic, vaporwave instrumental, orchestral electronic electronica, downtempo, ambient, electronic, idm techno, breaks, house, electronic indie, indie pop, indie rock pop blues trip hop, techno, psychedelic, dub techno, ambient singer-songwriter, folk pop, roots rock, americana, folk rock, folk, pop, country folk, folk experimental, avant-garde, electronic, modern classical, drone downtempo, electronic, trip hop, electronica, chillout, folktronica stoner metal, rock, stoner rock dubstep, electronic metal, trap, post-hardcore, rock vaporwave, experimental horror punk, punk jazz, rock, blues experimental indie, rock, indie rock black metal, metal glam metal, metal, heavy metal medieval, rock reggae, electronic, electronica folk experimental, electronic, hip hop electronic, synthwave folk, singer-songwriter, indie rock, folk rock psytrance, psychedelic, electronic metal, punk, hardcore punk, punk rock experimental, folk, electronic, indie electronic cloud rap, trap fusion, jazz, j-pop hip hop, funk thrash metal, metal, power metal, speed metal, heavy metal, doom metal

250 lines of text

Release “Memory Screen” by Hapa - MusicBrainz experimental, hip hop, soul, ambient
Release “Year:One” by Omeggga:Blue - MusicBrainz experimental, electronic
Release “CONTENTapes 2” by Schmeichel - MusicBrainz experimental, instrumental
Release “Sundays” by Nice Cars - MusicBrainz rock, rock, garage rock, indie rock
Release “Dépaysement” by Non Photo Blue - MusicBrainz ambient, electronic, experimental, noise, drone
Release “Boomshell Records presents: Immaculate Artifact” by Various Artists - MusicBrainz underground hip hop, instrumental
Release “English Hell” by Dungeon - MusicBrainz thrash metal, metal, d-beat, speed metal, heavy metal
Release “Archangelz” by Spife - MusicBrainz experimental, cloud rap
Release “Meat On Your Lonely Bonez” by Mirs - MusicBrainz pop, electronic, electronica
Release “Time Without End” by Sylvaine / Unreqvited - MusicBrainz black metal, blackgaze, metal, post-rock, atmospheric black metal, depressive black metal
Release “Christmas & Holiday Songs, Volume 1” by Three Day Threshold & Summer Villains - MusicBrainz country, americana, americana, pop, rock
Release “Lapis Sophorum” by Rubedo - MusicBrainz soul, rock
Release “Grey Areas” by Biomass - MusicBrainz minimal, electronic, psychedelic, progressive, techno
Release “11 Voice Memos” by Xander Deacons - MusicBrainz singer-songwriter, lo-fi, indie rock
Release “Bangers[1].Zip” by GRiZ - MusicBrainz future funk, electronic, dubstep, funk
Release “One Step Outside Presents: Free Pussy Riot, Compilation Vol. 1 & 2” by Various Artists - MusicBrainz punk, punk rock
Release “Take a Chance on Rock ’n’ Roll” by Couch Slut - MusicBrainz experimental, black metal, metal, noise rock
Release “we could just get right” by bill wurtz - MusicBrainz pop
Release “Live At The Miramar Theatre” by Sleestak - MusicBrainz metal
Release “Visions of Towering Alchemy” by Manta Ray - MusicBrainz thrash metal, metal, power metal, speed metal, heavy metal, doom metal
Release “Dope Smoker” by Dope Smoker - MusicBrainz lo-fi, space rock, stoner rock, desert rock, metal, surf rock, grunge, stoner metal
Release “A Votive Offering” by Monolith - MusicBrainz black metal, metal, deathcore, death metal
Release “This Message Will Repeat Until There Are None Left to Read It” by Adrienne - MusicBrainz plunderphonics, electronic, horrorcore, experimental
Release “Colours of Continuity” by Pale Mannequin - MusicBrainz alternative rock, art rock, rock, progressive rock
Release “2012-09-02: Warsaw, New York, NY, USA” by Sunn O))) - MusicBrainz black metal, metal, experimental, drone
Release “Booster Pack (1st Edition)” by Hyper Potions - MusicBrainz dance, pop, electronic, dance, edm, instrumental, chiptune, house
Release “Just Before Dawn” by Luca Miti - MusicBrainz experimental
Release “Passages” by Chronotope Project - MusicBrainz chillout, ambient
Release “Weekday” by 𝙊𝙛𝙛𝙞𝙘𝙚 𝙒𝙍𝙆𝙍 - MusicBrainz ambient, electronic, lo-fi, vaporwave, experimental
Release “Serendip #1” by Various Artists - MusicBrainz exotica, electronic, electronica
Release “Gorelem III” by Gorelem - MusicBrainz stoner rock, metal, rock, stoner metal, heavy rock
Release “Waiting to Fly” by Mike & Ali Vass - MusicBrainz indie folk, folk
Release “Making Up Lost Time” by Wolf Tech - MusicBrainz crunk, downtempo, glitch hop, glitch, electronic
Release “Music for Amplified Keyboard Instruments” by David Borden - MusicBrainz electronic
Release “Days in Vermilion Sands” by NLTM – Nick Littlemore, Thierry Müller - MusicBrainz dance, ambient, experimental, rock, indie pop
Release “Late Summer Nightmare: Halloween Edition” by Dart Danger - MusicBrainz electronic, vaporwave, disco, instrumental, synthwave, chillwave, cyberpunk electronic, jungle
Release “The Thaw” by The Thaw - MusicBrainz post-rock, noise, indie, experimental
Release “Crown by Name Ver.1.0” by Tartharia - MusicBrainz melodic death metal, black metal, thrash metal, metal, death metal
Release “Challenge Me Foolish” by μ‐Ziq - MusicBrainz electronica, electronic, techno, breakbeat
Release “For the Love of Jazz and Thursdays” by Thursdays Love - MusicBrainz instrumental, jazz
Release “The MacNaughton Road Diaries” by Pope on a Stick - MusicBrainz alternative metal, metal
Release “Jurassic Warfare” by Bandicoot - MusicBrainz post-punk, shoegaze, math rock, noise, grunge
Release “Meal Ticket To Purgatory” by The Van Allen Belt - MusicBrainz alternative pop, pop, psychedelic pop, pop
Release “A New Low in Hi-Fi” by Brad Sucks - MusicBrainz electronic rock, alternative rock, indie, rock, indie rock
Release “Thin Twisting Line” by Second Story - MusicBrainz rock, progressive rock
Release “Doom Remakes… Remade!” by CoTeCiO - MusicBrainz thrash metal, metal
Release “All The Sides” by Trophy Wife - MusicBrainz rock, punk
Release “There Are No More Normal Conversations Anymore” by Duck - MusicBrainz noise pop, electronic, punk rock
Release “Haingeraide” by Various Artists - MusicBrainz classical, electronica, electronic indie, folk rock, indie rock electronic indie, punk experimental experimental, jazz, noise, free jazz thrash metal, metal, power metal, speed metal, heavy metal, doom metal experimental, psychedelic, rock industrial, gothic, industrial, electronic ambient electronic, electronica, techno, chiptune dub, soul hip hop, breaks, electronic, drum and bass stoner rock, krautrock, progressive, rock, psychedelic rock pop, reggae, dub folk gothic rock, alternative rock, gothic techno, house, electronic electronic post-rock, instrumental rock, instrumental, ambient experimental, krautrock, psychedelic synthwave, industrial, ebm, futurepop, electronic, cyberpunk folk metal, metal latin post-punk, punk, rock and roll, rock, indie rock grime, electronic thrash metal, heavy metal, metal nu disco, synthwave, electronic, disco, electropop black metal, metal depressive black metal, dark ambient, atmospheric black metal, metal, experimental ambient, electronic, downtempo, chillout post-punk, alternative rock, coldwave, new wave reggae, dub, punk boom bap avant-garde, psychedelic, indie, pop garage rock, gypsy punk ambient, industrial, dub, noise, experimental, techno, free jazz, electronica, minimal pop, electronic krautrock, indie, electronic post-rock, instrumental, rock, post-metal emo comedy experimental, techno, drone, dark ambient, electronica, new age, noise, ambient indie, indie rock, folk rock rock alternative rock, electronic, trap, emo, indie rock electronica, electronic, techno electronic, electronica, dubstep electro, ebm, electronic, dark electro, industrial jazz, jazz fusion experimental, pop, indie, electronic dream pop, indie, indie rock, indie pop pop, indie, country, folk, folk rock, indie pop electronica, industrial, power electronics, idm, breakcore, electronic technical death metal, metal, death metal, old school death metal jungle, drum and bass, electronic noise pop, rock, dream pop, lo-fi, indie, shoegaze punk black metal, metal, speed metal, thrash metal jungle, electronic electronic, trance, hip hop, experimental, dance, pop, chiptune, house instrumental, folk electro, synthwave idm, industrial, rhythmic noise, idm, electronic, dark ambient, ambient, electronic rock experimental, avant-garde, modern classical, jazz, rock, experimental, free jazz stoner rock, psychedelic rock, stoner metal, stoner rock, metal, blues rock rock pop, pop, synthwave, coldwave progressive, pop, chiptune, hip hop, electronic roots rock, singer-songwriter classic rock, rock, progressive rock black metal, thrash metal, metal, death metal ambient, electronic shoegaze, dub, dark ambient, ambient, downtempo, electronic, new age, drone post-rock, ambient, indie dark wave, new wave, deathrock, post-punk heavy metal, metal, grindcore, hardcore punk lounge, ambient, chillout, electronic, synthwave, vaporwave, experimental, plunderphonics punk, punk, rock, rock, metal rock, indie pop pop, pop rock instrumental, celtic, orchestral grime, dubstep, bassline, electronic darksynth, trip hop, techno, synthwave, dubstep, house future funk, electronic, chillwave, vaporwave punk experimental medieval, ambient, dungeon synth phonk, trap pop, singer-songwriter, electronic, indie, ambient, experimental, downtempo, lo-fi, pop metal, technical death metal, death metal black metal, psychedelic rock, metal, occult rock glitch, ambient, idm, electronic, psytrance, breakcore, lolicore, speedcore contemporary classical, ambient, electronic, drone alternative rock, metal, rock, gothic metal black metal, death metal, metal electronic, vaporwave, experimental, vaportrap, trap downtempo, ambient, electronic, experimental, dreampunk ambient, electronic, hip hop, rock, punk, metal, vaportrap pop folk, folk rock instrumental, boom bap, hip hop drone, ambient experimental folk experimental, black metal, metal, death metal gospel pop, grunge instrumental, electronic, berlin school rock experimental, post-rock, alternative rock, experimental rock, jazz, noise, drone folk, americana new age, electronic, noise, ambient, drone drone, ambient celtic, celtic, folk, instrumental experimental, psychedelic, drone power pop, pop, synthwave, pop, dream pop, new wave, electronic electronic, disco, techno, house, soul downtempo, ambient, electronic, electronica, vaporwave minimal, electronic, experimental, contemporary classical experimental thrash metal, metal pop, ambient, indie metal folk, pop, lo-fi, indie metal, heavy metal, power metal rock, country funk, jazz experimental, instrumental, ambient, electronic post-rock, indie, math rock, garage rock, grunge, punk experimental, ambient, drone grime, club, electronic, dubstep, wave dance, pop, indie pop post-punk, no wave punk, indie rock punk rock neurofunk experimental psychedelic rock, folk, psychedelic, experimental experimental, ambient experimental, wave electronic electronic punk folk, indie, pop experimental, psychedelic rock, noise, drone dark ambient hard rock, rock, stoner rock experimental, electro, ambient, pop, industrial, electropop, electronic noise, experimental, drone black metal, metal folk, singer-songwriter shibuya-kei electronica, dubstep, dub, electronic pop, pop, house, indie, electronic post-punk, alternative rock, rock experimental, electro, techno, idm, dubstep, electronic contemporary jazz, jazz, free jazz, avant-garde folk, instrumental, dark folk electronic symphonic rock, rock, progressive rock punk, folk rock, indie rock punk, horror punk reggaeton, hip hop, breaks, electronic, noise, club, ambient electronic instrumental, electronic, electronica black metal, industrial rock, industrial, metal, black metal, industrial metal, industrial metal downtempo, idm, electronic, experimental, electronica, ambient alternative rock, progressive, rock, progressive rock underground hip hop punk industrial, breakcore, experimental, gabber, electronic, electronic electronic, idm electronic, electro, ebm, disco folk, experimental, lo-fi experimental, grime, soul, hip hop, electronic post-punk, punk, punk rock breakcore, breakcore, breakbeat, experimental, dark ambient, experimental, digital hardcore, jungle, dark ambient, gothic, electronic underground hip hop, trap noise pop, shoegaze, rock, indie rock, psychedelic rock ambient, vaporwave, experimental, trap, lo-fi, electronic, new wave experimental, techno, dark ambient, electronic, noise, ambient, industrial ambient, dream pop, folk, dark ambient, idm, noise, slowcore, ambient techno, experimental, techno, indie folk, ambient, shoegaze, dub techno hip hop jungle, industrial, experimental, vaporwave, ambient, electronic boom bap, underground hip hop, instrumental, breaks techno, minimal, industrial, noise, idm, glitch, punk, club, electronic breakbeat, dub, psybient, downtempo, breaks, chillout, psybient, electronic ambient, electronic, dark electro, dark ambient, ebm electro, rave, techno, industrial, trance, electronic indie, new wave, rock alternative pop, indie, rock, indie pop future bass, electronic, trap experimental, minimal easy listening, ambient, electronic, experimental, vaporwave metal, grunge, rock electro, medieval, electronic, gothic dub techno new age, electronic, dark ambient, ambient, ballad, drone breaks, techno, house, electronic, house

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Release “The Mountain Path” by Taur Nu Fuin - MusicBrainz dark ambient, medieval, dungeon synth, dungeon synth, ambient
Release “Big Box EP” by Ahoy - MusicBrainz electronic
Release “Three Days” by Cinemon - MusicBrainz alternative rock, rock
Release “Totentanz” by Hekate - MusicBrainz folk, medieval, neofolk
Release “Make U Stay” by Sega Bodega & Låpsley - MusicBrainz electronic
Release “Victims / Pattern 7” by Dead Mascot - MusicBrainz experimental, darksynth, minimal, techno, coldwave, ebm, electronic
Release “Story of a Fish” by Jeremy Ivey - MusicBrainz americana, singer-songwriter
Release “melloween” by weather balloons - MusicBrainz singer-songwriter, indie, folk, pop, lo-fi, rock
Release “Ascot Vale” by Foley! - MusicBrainz emo, pop punk, punk, emo
Release “Ten” by Mystic Crock - MusicBrainz electronica, chillout, idm, psybient, ambient
Release “Gore Drenched Barbarism” by Bestial Putrefaction - MusicBrainz black metal, metal, goregrind
Release “Former Selves” by Full Eclipse - MusicBrainz ambient, synthwave, electronic, progressive
Release “Raka Love” by Los Rakas - MusicBrainz dancehall, hip hop, reggae, latin, plena
Release “Spring” by PALS - MusicBrainz alternative rock, punk
Release “Demo I: Laments” by Inframonolithium - MusicBrainz metal, doom metal, death metal
Release “Eternity Bay” by The Saxophones - MusicBrainz lounge, exotica, folk
Release “Lovers Part II” by Timecop1983 - MusicBrainz synthwave, electronic
Release “If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It” by In Arcadia - MusicBrainz noise rock, metal, punk, indie
Release “Water Chamber” by Piezo - MusicBrainz electronic, dub
Release “ליילי” by ליילי - MusicBrainz rock
Release “Late Nights” by ChillBitz - MusicBrainz electronic
Release “WIREHEAD [Expansion Pack 02]” by Mothership Loudspeakerz - MusicBrainz electronic, psytrance, cyberpunk, breakbeat
Release “The Acceleration of Time” by The Luck of Eden Hall - MusicBrainz pop, instrumental rock, psychedelic, rock, space rock
Release “Light Is Liquid” by Örvar Smárason - MusicBrainz electronic, indie pop
Release “CURSE THE WORLD” by Auswahlaxiom - MusicBrainz experimental
Release “Partum Mortem” by KFDDA - MusicBrainz electronic, electro, new wave
Release “Lucifer” by kasse - MusicBrainz idm, experimental, electronic
Release “Mind Killer” by Blanck Mass - MusicBrainz experimental, classical, electronic, punk, noise, techno
Release “Live at Turbo Haüs: Montreal November 9, 2018” by Monobrow - MusicBrainz instrumental, psychedelic, rock, metal, stoner rock
Release “American Pharaoh” by Nu Vision Project - MusicBrainz experimental, trip hop, indie, hip hop, electronic
Release “Then Again” by Mitch Murder - MusicBrainz electro, synthwave, electronic, fusion, funk
Release “Sweet Princess” by Dry Cleaning - MusicBrainz rock
Release “The Cop Killers” by The Cop Killers - MusicBrainz experimental
Release “опоз” by фрэнк? - MusicBrainz experimental, lo-fi, emo
Release “Along Came the Devil One Night...” by Scrimshire - MusicBrainz jazz, soul, electronica
Release “Gametunes” by Chris Holland - MusicBrainz instrumental rock, hard rock, metal, rock, heavy metal
Release “Black Acid, Pink Rain” by Jesus the Snake - MusicBrainz instrumental, stoner rock, psychedelic, rock
Release “School Daze: A Fundraiser for Durham Public Schools Students” by Hiss Golden Messenger - MusicBrainz folk, rock, americana
Release “CoVid19 Suite” by Rocco Rosignoli - MusicBrainz indie folk, singer-songwriter, folk rock
Release “COME FIND ME” by ⛧⛧ - MusicBrainz experimental
Release “Дом Вдовы” by House of Widow - MusicBrainz dark ambient, minimal, ambient
Release “The Cerkno Concert” by Joe McPhee / Daunik Lazro - MusicBrainz jazz
Release “Лiсова колекцiя” by Світлана Няньо - MusicBrainz experimental
Release “Extraneous” by Cici - MusicBrainz techno, electronic, house, electronic
Release “A Christmas Carol: A Folk Opera” by GreenMatthews - MusicBrainz folk, folk rock, folk
Release “Remixes & Sampler 2009 | 2012” by Arian 1 - MusicBrainz electro, ebm
Release “Everybody Loves Raymond EP” by BRAAINZZ - MusicBrainz folk, pop, psychedelic, indie, electronic
Release “Candor and Reason in Chat” by mr sterile - MusicBrainz punk
Release “Akrasia” by Kevan O’Reilly - MusicBrainz post-rock, cool jazz, orchestral, indie, indie rock
Release “Cold Water” by Protest the Hero - MusicBrainz math rock, metal, rock, progressive metal post-punk, dream pop, noise, indie, shoegaze, psychedelic experimental experimental, psychedelic, drone dub, reggae dance, electronic, trance, psychedelic, dance, goa trance, psytrance, edm electro, ambient, electronic, funk hip hop, instrumental metal, metal ambient, jazz, dub, electronic stoner rock, psychedelic rock, metal, blues rock black metal, thrash metal, heavy metal, metal, doom metal, death metal art rock, rock, progressive rock, folk rock stoner rock, metal, psychedelic, stoner metal folk, rock, pop, punk, anti-folk folk, heavy metal, metal schranz, detroit techno, cyberpunk, industrial, minimal techno, techno, industrial techno, electronic metal, metal, gothic shoegaze, dream pop, americana, psychedelic, rock rave, techno, happy hardcore, electronic black metal, thrash metal, metal, thrash metal, death metal punk lo-fi, vaporwave, drone, ambient electronic, ambient, experimental, vaporwave, drone, plunderphonics punk, punk rock punk, rock, pop punk experimental, black metal, metal jazz, electronic, free jazz metal, hardcore punk berlin school, krautrock, electronic, experimental experimental, electronic, hip hop punk experimental, ambient, vaporwave progressive metal, metalcore, metal, djent, groove metal industrial, ebm, electronic, gabber, acid techno, industrial techno, hardcore techno, techno rock, psychedelic, electronic electronic, electronica, ambient indie folk, dream pop, lo-fi, electronica, indie rock psychedelic, electronic hip hop industrial, indie, electro, indietronica, indie, new wave, rock electronic, idm, edm, dance, instrumental, dream pop, pop, electronica, synthwave, house jazz, experimental experimental, electronica, ambient, electronic, idm indie rock, rock, pop punk indie folk, pop, singer-songwriter, blues future bass, dance, pop, electronic, instrumental contemporary jazz, afrobeat, jazz, instrumental, jazz, reggae, highlife dance, club, techno, electronic, techno, house future funk, synthwave, chillwave, electronica, vaporwave, electronic indie rock, rock, symphony future bass, future house, electronic, happy hardcore downtempo, idm, dubstep, electronic, ambient, breakcore indie, punk, pop punk, emo pop, bubblegum pop, garage rock, country folk stoner rock, doom metal, stoner metal, rock blues, pop, garage rock, punk, rock, punk rock post-punk, shoegaze, punk punk americana, singer-songwriter, folk, folk rock grime, dubstep, electronic, dub post-metal, black metal, metal, metal, dark ambient, death metal post-punk, singer-songwriter, jazz, noise, indie, experimental, lo-fi, rock experimental, psychedelic rock, rock, space rock black metal, metal experimental, ambient, electronic, idm hip hop, underground hip hop, alternative hip hop, alternative hip hop, underground hip hop garage punk, garage rock, indie, rock, indie rock synthwave, dream pop, electronic pop, rock, rumba, salsa blues, psychedelic rock, instrumental rock, rock, space rock, progressive rock post-punk, punk new wave, power pop, mod pop, indie pop afrobeat, latin rock, funk, funk folk, blues death metal, metal, goregrind folk, psychedelic experimental, ambient, spoken word grime rock, fusion, progressive metal techno, jungle, electronic, house drone, noise, electronica, dark ambient, ambient berlin school, new age, chillout, electronic hard rock, psychedelic, metal, stoner rock punk, hardcore punk dance, electronic, hardcore techno, j-core, gabber electronic, ambient new age, chillout, downtempo, electronic, ambient singer-songwriter, lo-fi, psychedelic, psychedelic folk breakcore, ambient, electronic, noise, idm, grime, techno, footwork, electronic, glitch psychedelic rock, metal experimental, electronic punk, lo-fi electronic psychedelic rock, jazz, funk folk blues, soul, folk dream pop, electronic roots reggae, dub, reggae electronic, dub, noise, industrial electro, rave, techno, trance, ambient, electronic folk punk, punk, punk hip hop, breaks, electronica, funk, funk experimental, berlin school, ambient electronic, rhythmic noise, dark electro, ebm, aggrotech, electro-industrial, industrial, ambient, noise, harsh noise electronic electronic, psychedelic, techno, techno punk, rock orchestral, chiptune, electronic old school death metal, thrash metal, metal, grindcore, brutal death metal, death metal, hardcore punk, powerviolence metal, brutal death metal, death metal soul, funk experimental, ambient, avant-garde, electronic, drone electronica, ambient, industrial, electronic, techno trance, electronic, trance, progressive trance, tech house, techno, psychedelic, psytrance experimental funk, latin, deep house, disco experimental, free improvisation math rock, indie, rock electronic metal noise, post-hardcore, metal, metal, progressive, rock, noise rock trance, psytrance, electronic, techno techno, electronic pop, indie pop dub, electronic desert rock, space rock, krautrock, rock, stoner rock trance, electronic, trance, progressive trance, tech house, techno, psychedelic, psytrance experimental, drone, jazz, noise, dark ambient, instrumental, grindcore ambient, synthwave, idm, vaporwave, future garage, experimental, downtempo, electronic

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Just looking through the lists, looking for inconsistencies, they look much better than I expected! Can’t spot anything that looks off.


First bunch of releases submitted to AB successfully! 182896 releases in 23 days.

Also submit tags for remaining 443 releases and create ticket for MBBOT about 404 BC urls.

Next step is finish FLAC bandcamp downloading

P.S. please someone look at BC links relationships table. If parser correctly detect features provided by the BC page it’s another bunch of information we can use to easily improve MB database

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I would honestly just submit all of them, as-is. If you’re making a separate account to “house” the tags (as you talked about on IRC) then it’ll just be a mix of genres and regular folksonomy tags. If people disagree with some (e.g., similar with @aerozol’s note), they’re free to downvote them. Even the non-genre tags may be interesting.


I don’t think it’s good idea, to many trash in tags on Bandcamp: locations and different genre typo mostly. 7344 unique tags. But if community decide so, i can easily submit this tags also.

By the way: submit another 10k tags and rewrite my script so it can automatically download FLACs from BC. Now i download BC pages (done 5000 of 228000) and wait for fresh AB backups to continue submitting


“One person’s trash is another one’s treasure.” Just because you don’t find it useful or can see how it would be useful to others, doesn’t mean it isn’t. Tons of “trash tags” in MB already, and I’d reckon that all of these BC ones are far more useful than the worst of the existing MB ones. :slight_smile:


List of non-submitted tags by popularity. Most treasure tags in the end of list.
There is tags that should be genre tags (i can’t understand why “rap” is not a genre) or alias of existing genres. But also there i perls like “music”, “image”, “name your price”, and cryptic unicode sequences.
This data definitely can be used somehow, but i not sure that push them to MB as-is is good idea


After having a browse of the list (thanks!!) I’ve changed my stance a bit - even a lot of the nonsense tags are interesting and I wouldn’t mind seeing them on mb!

My favs are: casual flatulence, monobrow, very low energy musical whimsy, non-experimental, fart noises, my parents favorite music, feel bad music

Quite a few typos but no biggie.


Tested FLAC downloading. Work slow, 40 releases per hour. Also i can’t download 1/3 of “download for free” by my script because BC want wend me link by email (example)


There is 3700 releases with BC links like or instead of /album/… or /track/…
Such links may be non correct or non robust. Now release editor not allow to add such links, but old links steel in database. Should we do something with this? I think autoedit here not the best idea.
Here list of 3666 releases with links to BC artist frontpage

49 releases with other types of BC links

Release “88.1 kHz” by in Elevators - MusicBrainz
Release “Emotions (if you were here tonight)” by The Road Chief - MusicBrainz
Release “Yr Poetry 2017-18 CD & Really Tiny Book” by Yr Poetry - MusicBrainz
Release “No Pressure” by Land of the Giants - MusicBrainz
Release “Alone at the Microphone” by Royal City - MusicBrainz
Release “Playground in a Lake” by Clark - MusicBrainz
Release “Kaemos” by James Basdanis - MusicBrainz
Release “Chaser / Prism” by Mammal Hands - MusicBrainz
Release “Evil Knife” by Evil Knife - MusicBrainz
Release “Electrochoc” by Mrs Yéyé - MusicBrainz
Release “Answering To A Higher Force (Outtakes from Leisure Seizure)” by Tom Vek - MusicBrainz
Release “DEMO 2020.12.5” by CDR - MusicBrainz
Release “Avant que notre mémoire ne se flétrisse” by Oes Galliath - MusicBrainz
Release “2019” by Gerwin Eisenhauer - MusicBrainz
Release “Invertebrate” by Invertebrate - MusicBrainz
Release “2021.1.1 DEMO” by CDR - MusicBrainz
Release “Bukkakecore” by Deformer - MusicBrainz
Release “Pentimento and Others” by Ezra Feinberg - MusicBrainz
Release “Augsburger Kaffeegäßchen” by Kaffee und Kuchen - MusicBrainz
Release “Playground in a Lake” by Clark - MusicBrainz
Release “Compiglation” by Mr Wu's Pigs - MusicBrainz
Release “Notes” by Cecile Corbel - MusicBrainz
Release “Preparing for Capture 2” by Illogic & Blockhead - MusicBrainz
Release “End of All” by Veld - MusicBrainz
Release “Limited Edition USB” by The Caracal Project & Skylark - MusicBrainz
Release “DIVIDID Limited USB 2020” by IMANU / ABIS - MusicBrainz
Release “Dragomane Misinize” by Roel Funcken - MusicBrainz
Release “(Don't) Show Us Your Fangs / The Hand That Slaps You Back” by Johnny Foreigner - MusicBrainz
Release “2021.1.12 DEMO” by CDR - MusicBrainz
Release “Beyond the Sea” by The Blank Tapes - MusicBrainz
Release “Sleep Furiously” by Thumpermonkey - MusicBrainz
Release “Laserlife Benefit Compilation” by Various Artists - MusicBrainz
Release “DEMO 2020.12.16” by CDR - MusicBrainz
Release “Hidari Ude No Yume” by Ryuichi Sakamoto - MusicBrainz
Release “A Time Analysis” by Salvatore Linguido - MusicBrainz
Release “Very Fallen World” by DTCV - MusicBrainz
Release “Almost” by Stray Dogg - MusicBrainz
Release “Passport to Paradise” by Young Believers - MusicBrainz
Release “Bukkakecore [Remixed]” by Deformer - MusicBrainz
Release “Abyssal Folding” by Eric Frye - MusicBrainz
Release “Infested with Rats Life” by Veld - MusicBrainz
Release “... Is Hurtin' For You” by Caldonia - MusicBrainz
Release “Broken Tone” by Water Moccasins - MusicBrainz
Release “Electrochoc (Deluxe)” by Mrs Yéyé - MusicBrainz
Release “Four Songs Named After Other People's Songs: The Early Demos” by Mr Wu's Pigs - MusicBrainz
Release “Mandrake” by Rael Jones - MusicBrainz
Release “Hinterlands” by Bisento - MusicBrainz


Ran new version of tag submitter, now it submit all tags.

Also lossless AB submission in process, will took 2 or 3 weeks. Now i work only with album BC pages, but script ready to work single tracks pages (


Submit 206629 tags and found bug with non-latin chars. Now need to resubmit it all


Agree to add all the tags since as described @Freso that’s the nature of those systems and they are designed to handle those. The only issue may be agressive terms to filter but guess Bandcamp already have a system for that (TBC).

We had:
“rock & roll”
rock roll
rock & roll
rock& roll
rock and roll
rock ‘n roll
rock ‘n roll.
rock ‘n’ roll
rock ’n’ roll
rock n roll
rock n’roll
rock n’ roll
rock’n roll
rock’n’ roll
and some amount things like “rock; hard rock; heavy metal; guitar; rock and roll” (it’s one tag).
I think we need some tags clean up


… and also a hierarchy, to allow queries on root genres without the need to list the whole “family”

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Relevant tickets:

I thought there was a ticket for this but the closest I could find was this one:

Anyway give some of those a vote :relaxed: