Autoremoval of entities with no relationships

I know that artist entities with absolutely no relationships will be auto-removed after a week and I guess the same happens with most entities.

I noticed however that the same doesn’t seem to apply to urls.
E.g. es: Miguel Ángel Estrella is not linked to any entity since march, but the url-entity still exists. How do I fully remove such a link?

Second question: Are there any guidelines for removing/keeping artist-entities that have only external links and no other relationships? I noticed e.g. some actors that may have once sung on a soundtrack are stored in MB with no releases, recordings, works, relationships to other artists or anything like that.
I’m guessing there’s not much harm in keeping them as they probably don’t take up a lot of storage, but I thought I’d ask anyway.

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Did I miss something? Since when are URLs entities?

About you second question, I don’t think their presence doesn’t do any harm, but they are pretty useless. I wouldn’t go out searching for them and removing them. I guess it’s best decided on a case by case basis. Take a look at their edit history for example. Was it right to remove them from whatever they were linked to? Was there a good reason to add the person in the first place? Etc.

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I used ‘entity’ for the lack of a better word. But they do have MB IDs.

Makes sense. The next time I come across one of these I’ll look more deeply into it, but I guess I’ll just leave them as they are most of the time.

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I think you can count it as an entity if it has an MBID. After all, it does mean it exists on its own, without being attached to anything.

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Pretty much forever. They’re just… kinda sorta hiddenly so.

… no idea. @yvanzo, @bitmap?

I generally keep those, although if they’re not directly musical I guess I could see a reason to remove them. Check who added them too, it might have been the BBC.


As long as they did something music related I would definitely keep them.


Okay, here are some examples. A now deleted editor added a bunch of characters from the TV show Prison Break.
None of them seem relevant to MB and have nothing interesting in the editing history either.
So I guess it’s safe to delete them?

PS: I created a collection in case anyone wants to double check my edits.


I would remove them, they just clog up the search results.


I think it is more like 2-3 days. Not a week.

And, like the others have said, it needs to be case by case.
Not everyone has “relationships” but are part of the music community.

I have ran into multiple entires that had no history.
I assume that the history was lost during a site update, but it makes me wonder if others that do have a current history may have lost some of the history because of the same occurrence.

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I would generally say keep these entries. Most certainly read the full edit history before removing anything.

This is a publicly editable database. It would not surprise me if some of these entries are added by external third parties who then make reference to them from their own systems.

I know I came over here because of KODI nudging me to make better use of this database and fill out more details. This database is used in all kinds of ways.

For example the Prison Break characters - maybe they all did a song together at the end of the show?

Though, in this example I see the editor has also been deleted. And they only put them in in March. So that looks a bit dodgy to me and does point and being good candidates for removal.

It is funny when you look at the history of “Deleted Editor #1990286

This person was clearly on some kind of planned mission as there is a pattern there… but also a lot of junk as other links of theirs don’t follow through.

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You can’t. It is a bug, reported as MBS-9454. It will be deleted eventually.