Automatically accepted edit from new user

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Hello everyone,

I am new to MusicBrainz and added some relationships (producer, instruments etc.) to one recording. My edits got ‘automatically accepted’ 5 seconds after I clicked ‘Enter edit’ and I am wondering if that is normal?

I read the style guidelines and I’m sure that my edits are correct because I took the information from the liner notes.

Do I always have to check the ‘Make all edits votable’ checkbox to activate the voting process? I could not find any helpful information on this topic in the documentation. I hope I did not miss something.

My edit is listed under ‘auto edits’ on my profile page, but that is not what I wanted. Is there a way to check if the edit was accepted by an auto editor. I thought auto editing is auomatically blocked for new users and that voting is activated by default?

I would like a clarification before I make any further edits. Thank you in advance.


Have a look at Introduction to Voting (which can be accessed via the Editing FAQ). Additions and some modifications can be automatically applied if approved by an auto-editor, depending on the edit type. For your example, adding a relationship can be approved.



thanks for your reply. I already read most of the sections you linked, but I missed the ‘can be approved’ part on the ‘add relationship’ page. In addition the Introduction to Editing page states that some edits can be automatically applied if approved, but I thought this is mostly true for minor changes like ‘a change in capitalization in a title’. I was surprised, because my edit was accepted almost instantly.

Thanks for the clarification and the links.


It used to be that only very small changes were automatically accepted, but that got changed so that most things that can be reverted easily are auto-accepted as well (a relationship can just be removed with one click, for example)


I guess that makes sense. Thank you for the additional explanation.