AutoEditor Election: Rossetyler

Okay, um… hey everyone, I hope your summer is going well. Okay on to business.

Rossetyler passes the 3 main criteria I look for in nominating someone

  1. Experience with the database/edit system - he’s got lots of edits since '09 of all types of difficulty

  2. Timely responses to edit notes - check

  3. Character - I’ve had many interactions with rossetyler and I get the impression he’s a pretty good dude, easy to get along with and dedicated to the project

(he’s also a voter too, and goodness knows we have precious few of those)

Link to election


Seems like the election is closed and @rossetyler is now an autoeditor. Congrats! :tada: :slight_smile:

(Edit: @rossetyler has now been added to the @MB_Autoeditors group. :+1:)

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