Auto split files (digitized Mix-tapes) , rename from scan (artist, title) and from original filename (title number, album name)

From what I see is this tool a swiss knife. Can it also cut long files in to pieces (as mp3directcut)?
I have to split, recognise and rename quite a few files.

Right now I splitted it outside. The scan works mostly, the recognise level is yellow or red. Nevertheless it found proper titles! great!

Renaming works fine. Is there an option to split name in “family name, forname” instead of “forname familiy name”?

And can I keep Album Title and title number from the original file (or splitted file)?

Maybe this is very specific and I wouldn’t ask if I wouldn’t have several 1000 titles to handle.
Thanks for this great tool anyhow!

No. Also you cannot meaningful tag single file rips (e.g. an entire album in a single FLAC) :frowning:

Use the sort names (albumartistsort, artistsort).

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Thanks, I thought there is maybe a autosplit plugin …