Auto-clean large (30.000 items) playlist


Hi guys,

I have a large playlist in CSV format that contains two columns: Artist and Song.

However the list is not clean, i.e. are typos etc.

Is there ANY tool available (possible MusicBrainz Picard?) that can read that
list, intelligently look up the correct song names (e.g. with fuzzy
search) in an online database, and clean the playlist by
correcting those typos etc. such that afterwards, all artist and songs names
are correct?

Thanks heaps already!

Cheers David.P


I don’t think anything exists that will do what you want.

Picard doesn’t read lists just files and even Picard is not an auto tool - it requires user input for correct results.
Linked to just Artist and track is especially problematic in general grouping together album releases is much better for matches but never perfect.


Question, is this a playlist of actual files you have (eg the files and file tags also have typos you want to clean)?
Or is it just a list for reference/ radio use or something like that.