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I have an interesting release that I’d like to add, but have no idea how it should be classified. In 2014 William Shatner released “Shame”. Apparently it’s just an hour long version of an old movie he was in put on Spotify in an audio only form. So, it’s not really an audio drama or audio book. It was released only under William Shatners name as well. Any suggestions? Is it a broadcast? Soundtrack?
Spotify – Shame


The movie was called “The Intruder” a 1962 film.

I would suggest it has now become an Audio Drama. That seems the closest fit.

Not really an Audio Book, as not one person reading from a book. not a Soundtrack as that has it’s own musical definition. Easy to argue an Audio Drama is a multi-actor film without pictures.

On Spotify is not really “Broadcast”, so I’d just call it “Other+Audio Drama” just like other plays appearing on Spotify.

As to title - it has been released by Shatner as “Shame”, so I would call it that name. But I’d create a Work (play) called “The Intruder” and add IMDB links to that work and a few annotations.

This Release is closer to being an “Audio Drama” than his music is to being music… there is a strong argument for putting that under Spoken Word or just plain not categorising it as “Music” in any form. :joy:

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Thanks. I was leaning that way and looked at your Hitchhikers Guide entries. I’ll add it, but I’m not sure who is on each recording etc. Good idea about the work actually being The Intruder. That is actually what it is.

I actually like Has Been a lot and his new one, BIll, is actually pretty good too. The rest are not that good even with some great musicians on some of them.


I like this as an example of credits:

Stick 'em all at Release Level. Depends who you think is important to be credited. Especially as you’d need to go to a third party site like IMDB to get a list.

What is unusual here is that a different artist has changed the title and artist for their version of a the release.

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