Attemping to remove 2 release group

So, I got a 2 release group, one with not much information, one is the full information submited by the API. And I made a lot of mistakes in it, and I don’t want my artist page has duplicate in it, so… How I can delete a release group?

For a release group to be removed you can (preferred way) merge it into the good release group.

Or, if everything inside is really bad and all your edits are still only pending, what is required for the release group to be automatically deleted is:

  • Cancel all pending edits
  • Remove all releases
  • Remove all relationships (including URL relationships)
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So how I can delete all release from that release group? And of course, these edits are not marked in pending status!

Which one(s) do you want to fix in Hypeventure - MusicBrainz ?
It would be better to fix them rather than removing them, no?
I could approve your edits.

Removing entities is done with a link in the right-hand sidebar, same place where you can merge stuff.

This one:
Release group “Together” by Hypeventure, GUMI & 鳴花ヒメ - MusicBrainz
Yes. Everything inside it.

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I voted yes to your removal but you still have to wait 6 days.
Honestly, it would be faster to cancel your removal and just edit the release to fix it.
Edit MusicBrainz is not only through importers.

Importers should be used very cautiously by editors already knowing all the ins and outs of manual MB editing, I think.

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I know it’s better to edit but the tool I use (which is atisket) would not adding my edit to the existing release, it just create a new one. So I decided to remove completely old metadata for the song

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By importers, I meant something like atisket.
You don’t have to use that.
You could simply edit manually your existing broken release without using atisket.
It’s best for learning MB.

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Alright, I will re-edit it then.

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Take your time, you will make it in the end. :muscle::sweat_smile::+1:

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