Attach orchestra/choir to conductor role

When I enter the “conducted / conductor” role, I can specify which instrument or vocals were conducted… but it’s not possible to specify a orchestra, choir, etc.

This would be useful in cases where:

  • Multiple orchestra / choirs are listed, each with their own conductor, or just to make clear the conductor did conduct them all
  • In case an unspecified orchestra is mentioned

I now have the latter case, a Romanian Lautaru record, where 3 conductors are given for a unnamed “Orchestre de muzică populară”
Usually this means the orchestra of the conductor, but not necessarily. I don’t like to enter ‘assumed’ data and prefer to enter it in a way anyway can “assume for themself” based on the entered data. Adding the orchestra as [unknown] also doesn’t feel completely accurate (as the convention is, it’s the orchestra of the conductor, rather than “unknown”.)

In such case it would be a nice thing to be able to connect an orchestra role to the conductor, and use the “Credited as” field, to enter “Orchestre de muzică populară”.

Additionally, it would also be nice to be able to specifiy the type of orchestra, as is done with the “vocal” & “instrument” role.

Orchestra types could be:

  • symphonic orchestra
  • ensemble
  • string ensemble
  • folk orchestra (= “Orchestre de muzică populară”)
  • brass band
  • string trio / quartet / quintet / etc.
  • piano trio / quartet / quintet / etc.
  • wind ensemble/orchestra
  • (and more)

Same for choirs:

  • mixed choir
  • male choir
  • female choir
  • children’s choir
  • (castrate choir) ouch (probably we don’t need this)
  • backing choir
  • (and possibly more)