Assistance with a Japanese release requested

I’m cleaning up standalone recordings credited to [unknown]. There’s a number of japanese language recordings that came from this edit originally:

That appears to be disc 2 of this release:よいこのどうよう-童謡・唱歌/dp/B00005F83H

It’s disc two, title matches, track list matches. I did note that the amazon date doesn’t match the date from that earlier add release edit, but that can be pretty unreliable. Does it seem it like I shouldn’t identify these with each other to anyone?

I’d like to add the amazon listing to MB so the remaining orphaned recordings can have somewhere to go, but I’m not familiar with Japanese conventions and I can’t read Japanese at all. I have a few clarifying questions for anyone who is familiar with japanese:

Several tracks on amazon have multiple artists credited separated by a comma. It looks to me that these are soloist+choir credits mostly? I just wanted to confirm that it’s appropriate to just add them all as artists for the tracks, and there’s not possibly some other convention at play here that I’m unaware of.

There’s a couple new artists I’ll need to add:

山本寛子 - voice actress by this name, possibly the same?山本寛子
江籠沙織 - pops up on some other releases, but I can’t tell if there’s actually extra information here:“江籠沙織”

and two that google doesn’t turn up anything that jumps out at me:

Does that all look reasonable to any japanese speakers?

Amazon doesn’t have track times, but the old edit does (albeit without sourcing notes). Anyone object to just copying the times into the new release entity?

Is there any way to find the edit that removed the release created by the old edit, for more context?

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