Artwork is sorted out of order

I’ve been noticing a bug when uploading a larger quantity of artwort. When I upload, for example, booklet_01.jpg up to booklet_12.jpg, MusicBrainz will place the last file as first. Needless to say, this results in a lot of clicking and scrolling to correct the order. Would be nice if that could be fixed. Thanks in advance, powers-that-be!

That sounds like the normal way that Windows handles multiple selections.


I don’t get it… the files are sorted correctly in explorer view and I select them via checkboxes.

If you have selected pic1, pic 2 and pic3, you have to drag pic1 and drop it on the field “or drop files here” to get the right order


as @rdswift says, you have to experiment in which order you ctrl click your images so that they are in correct order.
You can check the current order in the file name box, before validating the file selector popup.

Maybe one easy way if you have many files, is to Crtl+A (select all), try that, maybe lucky.


I see… you’re saying Windows actually remembers the last click and ignores natural sorting when d’n’d’ing… figures! Is there a usecase where that would actually be useful??


The way I usually do it is to click on the last file, the shift-click the first file to select the list. Then I click drag the first file. That usually gets them onto the website in order.


Windows really does not care which order you select the images. you can go 5,8,1,3,4,2,10,12,9,6,7 if you want and the list is still presented correctly.

The key is what @Alfg has pointed out - When you do your Drag, which images are you dragging? Booklet_12.jpg or Booklet_1.jpg?

Personally I work almost like @Billy_Yank but use the Drag Box to select everything I need, and CTRL+CLICK to add\remove from that selection. Then Drag and Drop that into the browser window. I’m also usually working with two monitors though.

There is logic. The key is which image you actually “pick up” with your mouse in that Drag\Drop operation becomes the “first” in your list.

Imagine you have selected FIVE images.

If you Click\Drag the FIRST image, then that is the order you get when you drop - 1,2,3,4,5.

BUT if you “picked up” the THIRD image in your selection and dragged that one, then your drop order becomes 3,4,5,1,2

(Errr: I should point out that I am the kinda of nutter who has just spent five minutes confirming this by experiment… :crazy_face:)

This has been a handy trick to learn. Now I know when I pick up a list of images to always drag the list by the Front Cover image to get a better drop order.


It does work the way you say now. (I just tested also.) But I could swear it didn’t used to work like that in an earlier version of Windows. I remember getting peeved about it. If I would click on the first file, then shift-click the last file and then click and drag the first file, it would always end up out of order. IIRC, the first file would be last, but all the rest would be in order. I’ve just been selecting the list backwards ever since then, and I haven’t bothered to check if it was still necessary when I’ve upgraded.


Yeah - there was an old bug where the first item you clicked on would become the last. I’m an old programmer back from the days of WIN 3.1 and that bug was around for decades. Fixed in the last few years I think. Somewhere in the Win7 years.

It surprised me when I tested it for this thread as to how “intelligent” it now is.

(Shhhh… don’t say it too loud. People don’t like it when Microsoft actually do something correct… look at how often that same old Win98 BSOD screen is pulled out… :crazy_face: :rofl:)

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