Artists with same name and remastered albums

Hi. I have been using MusicBrainz for a few years but have only just discovered Picard! I have found it really helpful in tidying up my music library but am wondering how others deal with these situations to stop stuff getting incorrectly dropped into the same folder.

  1. Artists with the same name, ie Skid Row. One Irish band, one American band. Picard wants to obviously put all albums in one Skid Row folder which isn’t what I want. I can’t see any way round this.

  2. Remastered albums. Let’s take Megadeth when Dave Mustaine “remastered” (remixed / recorded / whatever) the early albums. Again Picard wants to put both the original and remastered in one folder which again isn’t ideal. I can see a way round this, adding the “release” date to the folder name but that isn’t ideal. Is there any other way people split these out? Ideally I would simply like a “remastered” folder but don’t think I can do that.


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For albums of the same name, I use the %_releasecomment% variable.
I have a script with the command


Then my naming script checks for that variable and adds the comment to the folder name if it’s set.
I was going to suggest the same for the artist, but it looks like Picard doesn’t pick up the disambiguation comments for artists, even though the documentation implies it should.
I suppose you could add tags for those bands individually if there aren’t too many of them.
Something like:


Then in the naming script add “(Irish band)” to the folder name if that’s set.
There’s a couple of ways you could make that more general. Like just adding “(2)” to the end of some of the artist folders in a similar way.

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Thanks very much @Billy_Yank I definitely hadn’t considered that. Something for me to play around with!

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